Voynich Manuscript – Translation Folio 11r-11v

October 11th, 2021

Folio 11r

Folio 11r is located of the coast of Senegal. Poisonous Arrows where only used in two locations Natives in Brazil and Natives in Senegal. Location is entering the Guinea Current into Senegal. The Key to the VM says this location has a lot of ivory because of its elephants.

Voynichees to Latin Characters

lvei ruesoi upa vpasom upa via luesa veala
reulesa jesora tva som alua alueta tuei som
jela uei ula sor ataua uela son uom som ses
suei ua tua sa som

luei uer ver sta vupa som ula sa uesi som
esi sra elei uom atuer son uesa ular som
jelua etuei ula sa

Translation into Modern English

Sacred Cubits, hurried variation spread upland way. Sift well the instructions gushes quickly. Measure the (a)length/descending uvula twice the sum. Solidify time station confirmed from behind. Cover the sun-area rotation measurement, it was situation together descending from the secant arc measurement.

The length of time the wind covers upright the velocity away from Earth measurement station secant arc, they were the measured slowly. The angular speed(radius) approach and change in direction carryout the area, risky edge measurement builds a dam. The new way stations the secant arc.

NOTES: Observe the Catalan Atlas and the four guys on a boat. Three of the men have loci lines going through the mouth area. Read the translation of the first paragraph above. The uvula refers to the larger hanging flower between Canal do Gaba and Casamance. The math to calculate the secant arc is drawn in the sail of the boat in the Catalan Atlas.

Folio 11v

Folio 11v is the Niger River.

Voynichees to Latin Characters

peisuesa vupa versa jela || vei upor sona
veisa uuta vula som soh || atua son sua
euler sa tua lua hor jetus || eta ueisasa
jetuer ueieier uata sua jeta || ule luyalo
reasa jelya jel uer sa ssa || uler va orh
auyer tve ser ulya r ueis

Translation into Modern English

Consumed by heavy blows the velocity away from Earth passage of text you must solidify the mark upper areas. Tough mud get out! The velocity descending measurement grids carries out the area, otherwise blindness secant arc. The approximate temperature before the surge atmospheric vorticity weights. The instrument scales away from you, thus to get the information firm raise, the unused inactive wind secant arc, it is fixed. The velocity of an orifice distillation to the side twice separating the information rhumb balance.

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