Folio 10r-10v: Myth of Melusine

Captain’s Blog: October 12th, 2021

The North Atlantic Gyre is the primary context to MS 408 Folio 10r-10v. This region in the Atlantic is a tricky beast, or as the manuscript says “monster of the sea.” This location was what caused Christopher Columbus to almost be mutinied by his men. Most of Columbus’ journal is pure propaganda but the North Atlantic Gyre is not one of them. If Columbus had the MS 408 he would’ve known that if you go between the gyre the wind stalls and if it doesn’t pick back up it could lead to death. Unluckily Columbus didn’t die in the gyre as the wind finally picked back up ending the mutiny. MS 408 yet again proves how much of a fraud Columbus was. Grateful that Columbus died disgraced, stripped of all money and title. Happy Indigenous Peoples Day.

Folio 10r: Geolocation 8 degrees 53 minutes North, 33 degrees 4 minutes West. Position: North Atlantic Gyre. Imagery shows the circular motion of the gyre.

10r: Voynichees to Latin Characters

pueula ver eulesa uerua puesei uepuoi aputeh
suia uleer uer ela er uoir elalueieta son glas
jeler elua som ueula jelua uei er ala sa sa
rer uom uula uleuta er om uluer som esa
jetua jeluei uei ula

auier ula uer ulom jeuleiasa ua lom va
sua jetuei atuom ala som ul son socr oh
jeluer uer elei uei ueier uei som sor
eatuer ver uer ua tom sa uesom
ejelor eler upa uler eron alem
belua ver jela jeler ulas elor
besom som jelua jeler

Translation into Modern English

Small lines in the water clouds the invisible force. You may pause works before joining together. Cunning wind stations the former hour. Earth Science Law: the area with the, I am hoping it isn’t rigid, barricade measurement is foremost a dammer. Time earlier is protected by the secant arc. The secant arc unknown change in direction enclosure cemented the former unprocessed nights measurement and produces the entryway like a dam time position.

Disciplinary enclosure, the wind watercourse cages descending the exact velocity of an orifice. In this way, it is instrumental to carry out the ability to measure the secure way. The area projecting end of a radius is zero. Stopper, the wind approaches time to the passing windward. The time measurement is confirmed. Keep going the lines in the water. The wind descending is tame. The secant arc citation ejects out going upward, fix to the assistance beyond the Monster Sea. You must stop, I am hoping it isn’t rigid, it contains ahead, sweeps the measurement and a dammer. I hope it doesn’t stop.

Folio 10v – North Atlantic Wind Stagnation

Voynichees to Latin Characters

pom som ve puya jela som uler ela sa ron
son som uta uuler uem jel uesom ula som
sve alya tuei eila uei sa

jelua ler vem som jeluia vulia aler son
ve atya som jelua jeler uei som jetuata
vem uer vula jela jelem jetei uerom
jetei uata ueiuyta som son uuton

Translation into Modern English

The head measurement, there is a “holy.” (hole in the page) Solidify your measurement and fasten, it passes to teh secant arc level area measurement outside the raised mark. Congeal the cites enclosure measurement swing and ally the two. Hurry. Time secant arc is a large dam that the measurement dams. Foolish place, it has teh ability to zone. There is a bottom measurement, it builds a dam. I am hoping it isn’t stopped. Time measurement gates whom the wind fools. You must solidify. I hope you are stopping. The projecting of air juts out from you. The way out measurement area lets you.

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