Voynich Manuscript Translation Folio 1r

October 21, 2021

This is a revision of the former translation of the first paragraph in the Voynich.

Voynichees to Latin characters
Pooar atoi or olom vei ver ulrir ater veisa
Rera utor era toar ulom ver on uler son
Raonr vita er atom ves uleora uler sorom ra
Som eloa elier reiela utoor som etom er eton
Rona uior ulom uper upon -asorova

Veser va upea easor ver upeom vesora
Auia vesa etuea eluei ueula vua som uer ter
Som ver upei vesa -som erliesa

Vason upirom eirupia alon veva upesoi ir
Elve tvea elom eliei eton veson rutia som
Vea utia tesom upa upesonir ula ve usom
Son om uei esom veson usa eton sor ulia ter
Som vulia uter uer uia tei uei uei ter
Ve uei veson tva tua ser uesom ve tuea
Aue luia uilon vier puei sesas ula saiule
Alvei ve tesuia upieia sor on son utas
Suor vulom etonruia rua uplei uleir sheul
Vet uer uia son utea -elei som

Upevom vetuya uei lvesora uia pasya yo resor
Asom uei som uloi sor vior tom sor via ulor
(?) tom veom etei som por ulei son uleisor
Auya etoi eta som etuia tetom (?)
(?) vesa tekoa ula etura tua tyasoi uler
(?) Uei uet uela uelia -suom

Translation in Modern English
The power of the false bottom in God’s path actually is the beginning and obscures the Atlantic Ocean. Voyage undergoing is a little over a year, do not speak of the watercourse currents in the arrangement of sun. The route is a written account in their smallest unit, the instruments sighting error settles and fortifies the sequence measurements, it goes by mete’s and bounds mapping. The tidal current measurement, hoping that it discloses early in proximity to the outer edge of the waters circumference. The watercourse is an ariel view.


Being, woe, above the cascading ocean currents, keeps turning
turbulances and breaks wind. The new way separates before viewing the measurement, the wind tears apart the measurement in the lines in the water on top of the breaking wind. 

-Measurement releases early

The Earth’s upper-space exosphere has the ability to have a wind stream that let’s it advance. The jetstream has two that should go differently towards its disposition routinely. Affected, make preparations for it to tear apart. The North currents let us move. Its station there takes advantage of the suns natural state of time, consumed by nature and runs in, its direction is reliable favourable tears. The Measurement unlawfullness expresses the wind by way of a beginning line, day time tears apart, that is, times nature has a short side toward different citations that are maintained and
off. To remove, the entire stars then fluctuate at their final resting place and mourns.
The water channels damages the accent (stars) while protecting in the suns outing.
Soars to the utmost extent in the direction of its flow, streets above the tropic of cancer at a fixed rate ditched to the knowledge that wind by way of sunlight distance. 

-it will be going the measurements

The North Atlantic Gyre, for a long-standing time, holds up an opening in the main way and paces a solar year that revitalizes its axis. Time measurement is fluid with no uncertainty, living domesticated surely through the earth’s plain. (?) domesticated to the residual locality, the measurement, in order to fix the suns fixed point, is constrained and circulates sea level measurement and keeps at the forefront (?)
(?) break in the wind is a visible indication that the resting position is stationed towards merryment, itself fixes (?) time out obstructed by wheels.

-joined together

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