Translation Folio 4r: The Invention of Pi

October 26th, 2021

Parched work contends. You go the way the undeveloped region which the wind uncertainty is speed/momentum*ocean currents. The paths way is fixed, the escapement changes directions, πr (circles circumference), atmosphere μ-second angle separates time descending and changes directions. They are stopping the measurement source, like a dam descending, I have the ability to measure and I am hoping it produces the enclosure.

Walking dammer, billowing wind value jumps. I hope you are becoming solidified the fixed measurement wheels the lines in the water. The path way enclosure overhead measurement is the founder of shelter from wind. The boundary consumes the lines in the water, weaves up abuts and vies, to stop render a zig-zag measurement convincingly.

Voynicheese to Latin Characters:
Tesoiua uposa viei ei vya jelia sem uer alea
Sver vei vei ulei vlua uom πr uerom ueh
Eluei uei ua uom jelom som von
Jeluei ua ala som etom ula

Pasom jelua saloso
Uer valua saluya
Jelem ulei som uleh
Ver vei vei ula upeisa
Som uteua lua terom
Esoi ver vavei upom
Jeluem vier jelo
Dem uom uom
Som ulia

Location (Folio 4r) exiting West Trade Winds, entering Northern Trade Winds

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