Folio 15v & 15r: Brazilian Current

Captain’s Blog: 3/3/2022

15 r: Voynicheese to Latin Characters:
lver via luoia va uleir via som
eluer jeluer eia eler va leia
jetom jelualasa som uei ula
ruiom uesom ui rei utom roi
jelua r ver ula som ula sa
sua tetom usa rom etior
som vlom ula ve tie ula
veula leitom r son uleia
eulon jetom uer ersom ulira
auon uutia etva rom seius r
jeler ver luier ua ulom von
atvei ser vya ula son rta ver vela
elue tua uei som ulor alei sor seh
jeluer uom ua tei sota

15r: Translation to Modern English:
Inverse way lower (south,) the velocity of an orifice fixed rate way measurement separation barrier, which is going the velocity of an orifice bearing, you get an extreme measurement. Time the enclosure: open space citation momentum expedition escapement royal (position). Dammer, the rhumb line enclosure measurement, the enclosure secant arc in this way the lead use space shelters the measurement. The wave-induced water velocities enclosure there are knots. The enclosure is feeble and the beacon. The rhumb area convinces the hues (sighting from apparatus), you get wind, it consumes and swells by itself, the outer country (Brazil) μ-velocity space sees the rhumb. I hope it isn’t stopping, the lines in the water + length of the orifice plate descending watercourse origin is next to the individual way. The enclosure area flow rate line in the water covers. You are separating towards time measurement, the plain passage speed of the circle radius +angular speed = barrier changing direction descending beginning line tangential velocity.

15v: Voynichees to Latin Characters:
perer erva uem stuon epuersa
suer er ere rom ula lon sor
uler som jeter etier etom
sem uela veijeta jelues
euler uer uer aluer ula r
jeluia uela tom elua rom
ua uem ve r ua r ua lereir
aluer uer ei em ela vei som
eluei eulei uei uei uesa lon
rer uer ulem ula jetom
rei em uier som ula
som uler uei uer

15 v: Translation to Modern English:
The bridge inherent marks the crystal (the device), the speed of the vortex is confirmed. Earlier their space enclosure supply fortifies the set measurement discard. The channel, I am hoping it yields, that the veil got to be solidified. Boatswain the wind and air allower stations the rhumb, dams and covers the cultivated barricade. The space descending mark that the rhumb descending, rhumb descending. The scholars allower of wind, you go it is approaching the mark measurement. Separates nightly, time the time, a risky provision. Sparse wind bottomland enclosure as you get the expedition it is the orifice plate measurement enclosure. Measurement is fixed to timing wind.

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