Folio 21r – Military Coded Argot Language

Captain’s Blog: 4/19/2022

The language in Yale MS 408 is a coded language functioning like the Navajo Code used in WWII. For example, the Navajo word for clan is “din-neh-ih”, the code for clan meant Corps. How MS 408 works is similar yet a bit more complex. It manipulates Middle English’s layered etymology and multiple meanings. So, if you use the word “pa” is doesn’t mean your father. In Middle English “pa” could also be spelled po, meaning peacock. A Peacock in Middle English meant a vainglorious person. A vainglorious person meant vanity. Vanity in Middle English meant Theory. And that’s how they created a multi-layered argot.

Navajo code talkers, Saipan, June 1944

Translation of Folio 21r:

The extreme (e) spherical excess of the triangle perception of out. The (e) spherical excess of the triangle theory passes through and supports entering into an increase, should go the force, the space narrow passage approaches the course like a dam, a stacked way. The enclosure measurement undeveloped velocity of an orifice goes. The orifice plate descending gated region passes through the associate secant arc.

Low Sound Theory: the measurement arrow will be going (e) the spherical excess of the triangle by way of the modeled range flat surface, the bottom measurement area guesses an undeveloped wave sectioned. It is certain, and goes. Look carefully at the time, the sea route obtainability is speedy, an undeveloped perception, thus the secant arc paths orifice plate acts as a driver putting out the authors more whole velocity of the orifice.

The low sound cord length of an arc is going the wave. They are the external angle above the actual educated measurement. It passes to and should go the vector length distance. The escapement velocity (*) keeps whole, choose the enclosure radius. A genuine descending order (arranged from largest to smallest) from you. They are stopping like a dam, the length of the arc keeps whole, it should go. Mark time: Mark the length of time forefront produced. The way is passable in the break of wind at the bottom. The winds way is competitive, the wind time measurement is a means of escape.


Look carefully at the Voynich code for the Latin characters. P. T. L. These are very special characters because on each page the author will tell you how to connect those letters together to get the grid. The PTL (Celtic Knot) means the precise trigonometric leveling. Trigonometric Leveling involves measuring a vertical angle from a known distance with surveyors device and computing the elevation of the point. With this method, vertical measurements can be made at the same time horizontal angles are measured for triangulation.

The third paragraph on this page is a simple trig equation for: sine of the center angle is the cord length (h), which reduces the wind measurements.


Voynicheese to Latin Characters:

puer e ye uta e pa uia apuia jep uiesa elom uom
rom uupa ela viom jeluei elier vya ula som
jelei va ei uier ua jetuia uia lya sa

pue paua som ulon elei e vya jeulia lei uera
atya som uera jetem elei uei jel uiei etieom
suer a teiata uei lei jetiei ueiei jel yei so sa
veier uier uetiesa ue uler va

pue lva eler uiei eupoi epvier ulesom ela
elom velvom utom vulia ulesa ula r
lelua tier uata jelom jeluei la ulya elom
vei uei vei luei uula elata via aliei vesa
atya uer vya aviei uer uei som utom

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