Folio 37r/v Wasps, Mayflies & Monkey God

Captain’s Blog 6/6/2022:

The Voynich Manuscript has wonderful colors and they do mean very specific things.

  1. Green – atmospheric conditions,
  2. Red – WARNING do not go there,
  3. Blue – depth of water,
  4. Brown/Tan – land conditions.

The Flowers in Folio 37r are all red – a serious warning that depicts not a flower but a wasp nest. First line, 4th word “uepson”: from Old English wæps + on: meaning “it is wasping.” From Proto-Germanic *wapsō. In Folio 37v the flowers are smaller but still red – with a less sever warning using the term ephemeroptera – the mayfly. Mayfly’s can’t kill humans but have enough of them and they can blacken the sky making a road or path invisible or impassable. But mayfly’s only live for a day, which is where the phrase “short as a life of a mayfly” comes from.

Folio 37v also has an unusual humanoid looking root system with a monkey looking tail which closely resembles the Bonnet Macaque of Southern India. The important location indicator the authors of the Voynich want you to be aware of is the the Bonnet Macaque lives South of the Tapati River.

The Bonnet Monkey is also the type of monkey that closely resembles Hanuman the Monkey God. Hanuman in some legends is called the son of the deity Vayu (Wind god). In a Hindu version of his childhood legend, which is found in Jain texts such as the 8th-century Dhurtakhyana, Hanuman’s Icarus-like leap for the sun proves to be fatal and he is burnt to ashes from the sun’s heat. His ashes fall onto the earth and oceans. Gods then gather the ashes and his bones from land and, with the help of fishes, re-assemble him. They find everything except one fragment of his jawbone. His great-grandfather on his mother’s side then asks Surya to restore the child to life. Surya returns him to life, but Hanuman is left with a disfigured jaw. Hanuman is said to have spent his childhood in Kishkindha.

Folio 37r/v is heading towards the Maldives at 18°-20° North. Kishkindha where Hanuman grew up is approx. 20° North. Is the legend of the missing Hanuman jaw a reference to the Maldives which is shaped like a jaw?

Folio 37r the NE Monsoon Drift directly below Pakistan: approx. 20°N x 63°E
Folio 37v: the NE Monsoon Drift parallels Kishkindha: approx. 18°N x 68° E

Translation of Folio 37r
The measuring vessels residual, I hope it isn’t stopping. The Bosun’s whistle passes the direction of the wind measurement and eels the beginning. Breadth is fixed and I am hoping it produces the barrier enclosure detached. You will get that which is all around per the velocity of an orifice. You get a fixed out atmospheric vorticity secant arc.

The stackable measurement is high soaring time measurement that is a gate. Anchor in order to keep hold, it will be going the lines in the water. It marks the gates stops and consumes the sum of the joint. Succeeding the pass through remove the discarded measurement.

The inner revolutions you get, that are actual, remove the lines in the water. Vies surely and implements a dammer smallest unit descending. It is necessary that I congeal. You are separating the continuous measurement. Gel the standing outcome. Confirm the descending velocity of an orifice measurement. Turbulences explain the projecting end of the radius. The oceanographer’s measurement east of the measurement.

Translation of Folio 37v
T-unit circle equation turns the undeveloped observation, it is wasping the expedition. Set apart the time fixed to the earlier authors wind measurement. Witness the velocity of an orifice is a weak measurement secant arc. Confirm the inactive. It goes and grips the area. The sky allower space passes the barrier measurement.

I hope it isn’t stopping, the soundings are a wanting measurement, establishes the velocity of an orifice sum of the measurement. The sounding way spherical excess of the triangle teams passing through and near. I hope you are stopping, the wind earlier is a whole measurement, the wind marks the method of the right period of time which had remained.

Memorize the up upmost, it had died promptly, look on the sum of the area. I hope it isn’t stopping the measurement observation, distracts, you get it. They had promised to go the entire sum of the measurement, it consumes the measurement. The false bottom is like an uncultivated measurement. It goes the authors borders of the known world, for the measurement rhumb rushes out. The accurate measurement is universal, completes time measurement.

Voynicheese to Latin Characters: 37r
leupei vom jeler epuer ela uera som eles or
atem uler etom jelua alesa jetom ve alom
je va jetom uleisa uter eta sa
puelua som upeisor uei som
ata jetua jeluor utei eleia
ver vei jetua jeleh esa || sueisom
rer uia ter jeter som
tom ueresa jetom vera eloi || ver vier sor
atuesa jelua atom ua jelersa || elue ieisom
jele etueuer suer ua va som || auia tei socr
etuer som uta son som

Voynicheese to Latin Characters: 37v
tvesa jeula jeleisa uepson rei
ser uei uler er ue uer som
jetuek va uek som sa
sver salera sver som
suer jelei a tuek son
aeter aluer rom ela
jeluer som
jeler uem uilua som
seruer va som som
rem via e tem uia leh
jelem uer er ulei som
uer veia viom selesa
leson upom uper esr
recn uieta som son
jeler som uelom
detuer jetom atyeir
ealya som som esa
som atoin jeloi som
a ue utia atei som r
evule se som uleid
jelei alem ueulia
ale uei som

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