Translations 40r-40v: Bay of Bengal

Captain’s Blog: 6/23/2022

As a recap the folio’s heading into F40r of the MS 408 was Sri Lanka. The Key to the Voynich Manuscript (Yale MS 408) is the Catalan Atlas. The following folio translations are locations drawn in the Catalan Atlas just on the edge of the boarders of the known world. The image on the left (Catalan Atlas Panel 6L) shows an obscured view of Sri Lanka, the image on the right (Catalan Atlas Panel 6R) is Sumatra.

Folio 40r: Northeast Monsoon Current 5’N x 80’E – below Bay of Bengal
Note: At this location the Catalan Atlas has an inscription reading “Island of naked people, where men and women wear a leaf in front and one in back.” However, such an island does not exist. The Catalan Atlas just like the Voynich has riddles. Given our modern world knowledge one could guess the riddle means this is an exposed area and to protect your ship from the back and front. The Northeast Monsoon Drift splits off and can either go east or northeast, but going dead center will leave you exposed to no current at all – you would get stuck. Which the authors of the Voynich warn you about.

Working translation of Folio 40r:
Holy weave and flight. To get the bearing the variation of a secant arc middle is edited out. The beginning of our art of knowledge gets, I am producing annually, confirmed. Towards the main roads inner bearing lead, I am yielding the beginning nights velocity of an orifice. You are projecting out, use the outs it is going the margin (as observed in the Catalan Atlas the margin is the red line right above the inscription mentioned in the notes,) atmospheric vorticity eddies. You go the enclosure, it gets the bearing. You go the lead surge origins beginning. The earlier network grid multitude earlier beginning is a beacon. The knowledge of the former is zero (null set.) It ivies the jet stream, use the towering bullseye of one’s knowledge, the atmospheric vorticity is to the side.

The T-stake source confirmed. Listen, lazy northward, the earlier is on, you are seesawing the measurement SH. The opening you go. You go the unprocessed earlier area. I am hoping it produces and yields a bearing while protecting the statues. You go with the use discipline (red line in Catalan Atlas.) The very high atmospheric vorticity stirs up and gives out, consumes an ample smallest unit of the time grid.

Folio 40v: The Riddle of Melusine Near Andaman Sea
Note: In the Catalan Atlas has the mythical ocean monster Melusine with a riddle. The riddle reads “Sea of the islands of the Indies where one finds spices. Many ships from many nations cross this sea. Here, one finds three kinds of fish named sirens: one is half fish, half women, the other is half woman, half bird.” So dear reader, who is the third siren? I ask myself this question at least once a week and still don’t know. The Voynich references Melusine in the base of the flower.

Working Translation of Folio 40v:
Holy, we removed the power of the property law. You get and go, deliver the speech and enter into negotiations for the treaty. The given is on. I am hoping it produces the published restrain, I am hoping it yields out. The number I am producing which is out wharfs as you go the lead measurement. The break in wind you are projecting out the lead helm citation. The outer boundary had stirred up the bearing leeward side. Halt. The document signifying the power to obtain public land splits apart. You go Imperial Chinese route, it is uncultivated. The horizontal lines you get are towards the bow of the ship. The cliff gets the lead, you are synchronizing the blazon record/publication. Watch the measurement. I am hoping is produces the knowledge of the lead. It had weaved and worn out. They are getting the measurement. Remove the space, the isthmus graph horizontal lines velum flows the secant arc. You may be able to zero the use gated area, suppose the earlier unprocessed, I am hoping the bearing vaults. Vies and picks off the mark, it had weaved and they are moving to the beginning. I am ejecting to get what it had weaved. The rhumb links the jet stream, it muscled the run-in as you get the channel it gets between the beginning atmospheric vorticity. The space will be going out. I am hoping it ejects towards, like an oar. I discarded what you are yielding. Draw with technical skill the deeds/contracts and you will demand to enter into negotiations for the treaty.

Voynicheese to Latin Characters:

puia tiesor oisasa || jeta etoi vsa eitisa epuier or ersom
jetor etor etisa sor || atuia tom etor uisa etor or oier
va jetoi usa uuts || eler oir eta eteiua jetor etoh
er om uitesa sor || jetei etom etor eta eteisa ei
ietor jetor etor || etei ei uisa jetus or or er soh
ler er or vet er oh || eivisa jetoh usa tor orom
aoin uitom eta || auya
tvie tuia sor oih || luie upsa er om uipo som sh
lom ei ei om er || som etom etom etom soroh
dom ei uya usa || auia toror eta atisa etoir esa
leor atom era soi

pusion uipom eisa
lesor jetom ei oroh
roir on etom etoh
lorom etom uuta
reiom etor eia uuta
jeys ei uisa som
vesa jetoi uisa ror
uesom utoi atisa etoi
lua puesa pusa ter ei
lu tom luisa jetom erom
ruisa jetei uisa soier oula
auya som etom
leyr uisa tisa eipuisa jetisa || som uipon
rom eiuia luisa otor jetusa sa || jetyr oh usa
jetuia jesa er om etom euta || vies poma
vei tisa ier jetysa jetom etier jetor || etyr or eta
rom elon uuta etoi eton orei || jetia etora
puisa uilor epocr oresa

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