Folio 45r-48r: Welcome to America!

Captain’s Blog 7/4/2022: Happy 4th of July USA 🙂

In honor of 4th of July this post is dedicated to the Klickitat Tribe of Oregon. In Chinook Jargon, the trade language of Native Tribes in Oregon “da hub nah – il ahi” I do this because it makes me feel good – this is my home.

Folio 45r: Heading towards Aleutian Islands, Alaska – possibly Adak Island
Notes: The Aleutian Islands have a long history of mystery intrigue and treasure. It has been long thought that Zheng He Admiral of the Ming Dynasty was capable of sailing to the American Continent. In his captain’s log he did have enough time to sail in and out of this region in between his 3rd and 4th expedition.

Even today Netflix has a show of treasure hunters trying to catch illustrious Pirate Treasure in Adak Island. In 1892 Russian pirate Gregory Dwargstof buried over $300 million worth of gold coins in 150 tin cans throughout the island of Adak. Since then, only two cans have been found.

During WWII, Wayne Tucker, Navy Chief Sonar Engineer (not to be confused with his son Dr. Wayne R. Tucker) was stationed in the Aleutian Islands in Alaska. While stationed W. Tucker was standing on the docks when a Japanese short range bomber quickly started dropping bombs over the entire city and Navy fleet. It wasn’t until recently that the US government acknowledged that the Japanese had in fact bombed the US Continent. The following photos where taken of this event (unfortunately dates of when these photos where taken where not recorder.)

Working Translation of 45r:
The top grid impressions passes via the hour throughout the points balance and does not appear in the lines in the water. Rest to get, as it gets you get the time of days smallest unit, confirm. The surveyors mount continuously forefronts the two measurements. The inlets rests revolves to the bottom, wheels the doctrine, cultivated double knots and wall. (Math equation using the apparatus to calculate time.)

The Beginning line that is an extreme source, the length of an arc throughout the points secant arc 11th position gates. Match the eluted added hour measurement its restraints expiates forward and grids excessively. Light yearly erosion confirmed. (reference to the longest day of the year the summer solstice, sunrise 4:30am, sunset 11:36pm.)

Length of time enclosure plasters the enclosed area, the information leeward side pass the grids measurement (h) scale vector on the meridian. Report the earlier force of the area as if towards the secant arc all around like a dam chord. I am hoping it produces the lines in the water that an atmospheric vorticity head grid secant arc set up, yields the grids smallest unit, the comb equation (connected reduced curve) the dawn extracts the grids measurements.

Folio 45v: Aleutian Islands, Alaska – possibly Adak Island
Notes: The translation references the Pacific “Ring of Fire”. The Ring of Fire is a string of volcanoes and sites of seismic activity, or earthquakes, around the edges of the Pacific Ocean. Roughly 90% of all earthquakes occur along the Ring of Fire, and the ring is dotted with 75% of all active volcanoes on Earth. In the right most pair of flowers there is inscribed, in Chinese characters that mean “Fire Mountains.”

Working Translation of 45v:
I hope it treads out the beginning mark by way of pressure * weight. The lines in the water implements situated (Earth’s True North) above rotation that is a whirlpool wind measurement enclosure. The new way bearing refers to the secant arc lead. The rhumb gates moving the wave inactive undeveloped descending toe and resolves away at the smallest possible amount. Having a new way abyss area grids eastward the velocity of an orifice.

Inactive mark obtains surely, it passes very strongly, see the vain pass in its place. Question the aerial view, false deceptive openings secant arc. The secant arc descends the Imperial Chinese Route and separates twice. The speed of velocity will be going continuously.

Towards the fire, consumed by break in wind, was able to go. It is the discipliner enclosure of time, discards the sequence. The line carries out the remark 11th position. Atmospheric vorticity law of sines develops and casts out the flow near the measurement property.

Folio 46r: Adak Island, Alaska
Working Translation of 46r:
The well-head above, you will stop and rest the secant arc method, it had been able to π. There is support earlier unprocessed perspective, solid measurement fault set up. Resummation bundle of survey stakes (triangulation system) gyron maneuver, the stake league out measurement observations mark πor. Unprocessed thrust measurement, lines in the water false forefront measurement. Powerful grids mark gets space and the perspective erosion measurement is a direct sighting. The time measurement out had been known, the out course written account grid. The Land of Newt (in the 15th century newt’s where thought to live under fire; this is a direct reference to the ring of fire volcanoes,) magnification errors away from the bearing, mark the use average time vector it jellified the boundary marker the leeward side orifice plate.

Direct reading of the secant split variation secant arc, draw the secant arc and document the property right mark, divide the qualities documents the property rights secant arc toroid average time vector. It will be able to fortify the grid widespread velocity of an orifice outer surface microsecond. Get the secant arc variations secant arc facilitates going, call the stakes.

The lip of the spin of Earth variation secant is shaped like a torus. The variation secant arc level lips the entry point. Use the sounding above the fortification variation secant arc. The rope-lead widespread measurement (surveyors) layout fluid radius unprocessed canonical hour via the hill. The thrust use out at dawn marks and puts forth time, confirmed. They go further away as it goes. River-Scholar: the velum’s velocity of an orifice gets the wave bearing grid, use the jet stream, it gets fairways easement.

Folio 46v:North Pacific Drift heading towards the California Current – 50°N x 130°W
Working Translation of 46v:
Anchorage, moving forward arch the mark, it had exhausted the boundary marker. Dusk supports the lift up (Alaska Current) I am producing a diminished measurement because the margin mocks the circulated measurement getting, in anticipation, the beginning observations. It has been forced out. Put the even selected measurement in a different anchor. They are stable, produces a secant arc while it gets the passes. You must stop the mark lead grid axoids out, use the going out. The use property law value curve had weaved the measurements smallest unit. The ground-plan based on the significant mark is getting a use annually, produces the measurement lead magnification. The gated border enclosure, in keeping with the knowledge of hour, marks the canal. You will stop, the fault had been getting the projecting end of the radius. It ventures the knowledge (h) scale vector on the meridian. Siege engine, heavy rain, grids over surely. The lead contends with the slope, redeem the observations beginning earlier dawn. Detach the mark energy hole. The seasonal wetlands “pigs the pipe” (to clean a pipe using a pig device) horizontal way has been forced out, the way of North passes to the grid stake, the former pass through I hope it ejects the pipeline, it pass to the second angle projecting end of the radius. Listen (obey instructions), use the forefront, use the erosion lead.

Folio 47r: Columbia Bar “The Graveyard of the Pacific”
Notes: The Columbia Bar is the most dangerous river passes in the World. Due to the Columbia River having no river delta the rapid flowing fresh water hits the Pacific Ocean like a firehose. To this day it is so dangerous that professional Columbia Bar seaman have to direct ships in and out of the Columbia.

Working Translation of 47r:
It could be that the rotation of Earth, which the course marks the measurement use, prepares the authors multiplication of time secant arc projecting end of the radius. Moisture natural state! Set apart time descending revolutions, the borders of the known world balancing. I am hoping the bearing is a witness, the information opposes the time measurement and clips the area. You go, the way is valuable.

Place where one is trapped at the pass through, to do it, time needs to be marked. Mark the speed it moves quickly, it lures the watercourse. Time the time of day. The wind borders there are knots descending widespread misfortune. There is an observable extremely situated jetty. The velum produces the time measurements new way, zero sequence velocity of an orifice divide knots multitude pass through. Divide and expiate the area grids swinging motion upward measurement on top.

Folio 47v: Columbia River – Bridge of the Gods
Notes: Folio 47v is a very important historical record of the land bridge over the Columbia River. During the 11th century a major landslide covered over a portion of the Columbia river creating a land bridge the natives called “The Bridge of the Gods.” It is unknown of the exact date of the bridges collapse, records indicate somewhere between 1500 to 1700’s. What is significant about this is that the Voynich pre-dates Lewis and Clark’s expedition and is the only written record of the bridges existence while the bridge was still standing. The native’s had a lore about the creation of the bridge and listen carefully for the Voynich authors will use the lore in there description of the location.

The Bridge of the Gods legend told by the Klickitats. In their tale, the chief of all the gods, Tyhee Saghalie and his two sons, Pahto (also called Klickitat) and Wy’east, traveled down the Columbia River from the Far North in search of a suitable area to settle.

They came upon an area that is now called The Dalles and thought they had never seen a land so beautiful. The sons quarreled over the land and to solve the dispute, their father shot two arrows from his mighty bow; one to the north and the other to the south. Pahto followed the arrow to the north and settled there while Wy’east did the same for the arrow to the south. Saghalie then built Tanmahawis, the Bridge of the Gods, so his family could meet periodically.

When the two sons of Saghalie both fell in love with a beautiful maiden named Loowit, she could not choose between them. The two young chiefs fought over her, burying villages and forests in the process. The area was devastated and the earth shook so violently that the huge bridge fell into the river, creating the Cascades Rapids of the Columbia River Gorge.

For punishment, Saghalie struck down each of the lovers and transformed them into great mountains where they fell. Wy’east, with his head lifted in pride, became the volcano known today as Mount Hood, and Pahto, with his head bent toward his fallen love, was turned into Mount Adams. The fair Loowit became Mount St. Helens, known to the Klickitats as Louwala-Clough which means “smoking or fire mountain” in their language (the Sahaptin called the mountain Loowit).

The last storyteller of the Klickitat Tribe was Edward Tenbears world renowned for telling Native legends. Below is a picture of Edward fishing along the Columbia Rapids where the Bridge of the Gods once stood. The photo was gifted to the Tucker STEM Team by Edward’s last wife Umi Calani with permission to use in this blog.

Edward Tenbear’s of the Klickitat Tribe

Working Translation of 47v:
Arrow is true. Avoid the decoy. The royal mast and helm revolves the velocity of an orifice upward it is a separate set up area, cutting the mark. The wind is differently, numerous separations out descending measurement. The undeveloped way tears apart, there is an “casket” enclosed area, you must be immobile. The enclosure watercourse is bent, the wind consumes the velocity of the orifice sequence. The rudders ventures the orifice plate, the space exhausts time.

I am ceasing the projecting end of the radius before the measurement. Vortexes most of the time. The royal mast is uncultivated after the rest in time of day measurement. The great depth, the authors vast pass through is a spherical excess of the triangle, sieves leeward side, the secant arc time ventures, confirmed. Earthly, the authors us observations from you so that the measurement descending descends the authors wheels. Descend the descending outside the descendant measurement. The speed velocity measurement graves (cleans the bottom of the vessel) and rotates enginous, produces above the time trips.

Folio 48r: Mt Hood Geothermal Active Hot Springs – hot volcanic river flow
Notes: The Voynich authors reference a child-god Puella that is known to be young forever, the god of vegetation and resurrection and the god of divine youth. Puella is known in many different cultures, osiris, lacchos, puella. The Voynich authors put her symbol directly in the flower system. In Greek philosophy she was written in Aristophane’s comedy “The frogs.” Listen carefully!

“Awake, for it has come tossing torches in hand
lacchos, oh lacchos
the light bringing star of our nocturnal rite
now the meadow brightly burns
old men’s knees start to sway
they shake away their pain.
and the long cycles of ancient years
through your holy rite
beaming with your torch,
lead forth to the flowering stretch of march
the youth that makes your choruses, o blessed one.”

The tree itself in Folio 48r is known as the “Octopus Tree” a sitka spruce indigenous to the coastal and mountain range in Oregon. The Native tribes would cultivate the sitka spruce to be capable of holding a burial canoe. These trees do not look like octopuses without human intervention.

Working Translation of 48r:
Linear velocity, deep abyss (Columbia Gorge) lightening outside the grids way. Stake the twisted stirred up canal. The dawns measurement linked to increase the control point, the way, you will stop, the watercourse mocks the reading towards east contestably. Powerful stone warmth, it is like Earth consumed solid multiplication it had weaved. (geothermal active hot springs from Mt. Hood) They have observed directly the “Child-God” (aka lacchos, child god of volcanoes) use the flaming jet stream, the area should go stirred up. The whole boundary marker collects and drifts the direct reading of the secant split. The entireties informs the radius. Link the stone, move in a circle, the surveyors stake-out flaw: flow of liquid blinds the area. The weighter is natural state a flat plain has left the position. I am maintaining they are getting life, but inactive (Mt. Hood is a live volcano but is inactive,) Move away from above, even the bottom it (lava) settles. The rare occasion obtainability detach the value of the bearing, the playa (dry lake bed) blinds the beginning. The surveyors reference grid has been forced out, the published deficiency mark the difference, the tuff (volcanistic rock) bottom sector radius grid is another beginning surveying vanes and restraints.

Voynicheese to Latin Characters:
patasoi veuta ela via uor epuoi apuer epuor
ver ula jeta jetei jetom uei uei atom sor eh
je uula tuei som jeom ula uom atya uleh
lera tom atiei atiei uoh
tei ve puer tuia la epuoi sa elva jetua seisom
eluor etuor som aluesa lueiei elor soi sora
luor jer ator sor
luei ula jesom ula son ulia lua ela soi som h
ker er uon son ateie sa alom jeluei teisa
etom ver ata eta toir soi sa soier uiei soi
atom etue ioisok soisom

terora ute tei uia pveieh ver atua ses epuom eiois
etei uer som ula etuei ueh eteier sa || etuoir
jetua ier uiei jelei jelei ua ta ules || ator as
etua jeuta son soi soir va
jelei uem etuor sor ela || vele sei pa || elaloh
(?) rom uper jetga elaei || alueh
atvier esoi vesa pueh || eler eom
auer ula uei jeteh ra || ra atueh
sver elva eta lveiei || aluers
eruer alua som sueisa

puieupa jelisa uila sa uipu π apuita er om vy jeliei som vysa soia
resom vyeia jeer vie lieia uuta som vit vyl visa πor om viuta
som ver atoi uula som vi soi visa jetei rom vy ator som
lvisor uei toisa uuta jetoisa uitoi uuta vita vita soieutia
etysa vitya atia visa usa vta jelvies alisa alia uier
lisa salisa vy tysa apuisa usoi er vysa esar om epuisa satisa usoh
π ei vei jetom alusa jetusa dor usa ula elisa uisa jetor uulia h
sviei ua uuta va vsa ut uesa ulsa ruied uia
lvsa vsa puisa sa pusa vei tyr aloia pusa sa toroi vta ala sorsoh
luia va utoi us jetsa vsa aieisa eioccr viei
pus ocr vs vipsom vsa eupisa jepusa isa vior epsor vsa roapuisa
luia som vieuta ueta r om uir via tor viuta usa uutoh
orotom vei etya uei sor eir ion a
elvioilor veil va jetor uiei etoi soh usoh jetoh
jetor veitoi oitiesa

pesa ivis aps visa epuisa alisa eipuei apuia leura etor atusa som
aloir oir elusa etoia som jetisa elor or eisa elisa roih etia lesa som
aliya liesa ueutsa ueloi etoi vsa vila jetor ela jela visa uisa soh
asom uuta usoi eior uutsa usesa lor uoh tisa som atom vutipa
iesom visa jetisa usa etisa satoia som uisa etysa doroir ula
loroir uor visa eiom jelisa vysa jetoisa jetisa socr uesa ulia h
suisa uyta soh uis iuisa uisa etysa ura jelysa uitis or er oiuta
-alysa visa uiutsa ulisa soch
-lei via elisa ueupies ela soh
-viei er uia etom soch ela eh
-socr usoh uula usoh
-ator uisa

pu ocr eia viom vei som usa
uetuei ue i uei sa socr uos om
ser uei ua uom utia ueison etom
jetuie ulia ueton uei som tusoi
son ei via ueteih
pier uia de uei veiom vei vei usa ueiei
ruira luer ulom uei uei uei uer utia
ve tya ua lues uea ve ulua puer loh
jet otor uom etoi uei som etue tuer ra
va elue tya ler uia elua luei son soh
sve upa som soma

pviel uier ueive uepua roi || rora
svya va upa eluia soysa uera || socca
vei uer eliei ser eluei ut ua || som
jelei vya tei ve tyua jela || ula
sveia vyr uer esa va ra || rora
uesa uier rom || seues || uei
puesom socr sula
som uielor uesoia roi
jel uya uila uei uei som
uel ue il uia e lue lua sa || uei uesa sor
elya ue usa uatia uata || sua som ua
ua ue tyra ua ua uita || ueua som
sva som ueigla uom || suya el ois
uei gluia

pvsom apusa epuia uta soi viesom vie tiei atyesa eiom eoisa
som alyei uiesa tiues via jelisa ulom elusa lison eton uta
viesa vi lie lya eliesom esa jelie i tisa seiesoi jelor epuila isa
leitiei son elom atysa uil alisa lisa jets lvsa uilisa ulyla r
alya liei etiesa uieuta eivya jeitom eulia ueitor om ulor es
oivia itysa aluisa jetisa ieloi jelei eloi uis etia atya soisa
leula jetiei alysa ieitiei eleiuir oi or atyesoh elisa etoh
eluson vei eliei elieia atya sohsr
aliuis or eitia etieoh

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