The Question Mark ? of Folio 45v

Captain’s Blog: 1/16/2023

In MS 408 (Voynich Manuscript) there is a non reoccurring symbol in Folio 45v – the mysterious question mark. First symbol in line 6. In researching the history of the question mark I discovered an interesting old urban myth, though sadly the likelihood of it being true is slim to none. Yet, the myth still exists. Some claim that the question mark was actually created as a device to mark places on maps and such that were unknown, and they got the shape from the shape of a cat’s tail that the cat makes when it is inquisitive. They also go on to state that the exclamation point comes from the shape a cat’s tail makes when they are surprised. These two marks reportedly come from the Egyptians, who worshiped cats.

The English Etymology of the question mark states that in (linguistics) it Marks the following word or phrase as questionable for a grammatical or semantic-pragmatic reason.

The manuscript authors use a surveyor technique called Mete’s and Bounds, it ties together previous boundary corners to the next adjacent map. Also, most of the clues in the Voynich have to deal with folklore and mythology. So, taking into account that the question mark in Folio 45v is a Mete’s and Bounds boundary Marker and that the question mark in English marks the following word of phrase the flower at the end of this sentence would be the Mete’s and Bounds Marker point. In surveying this is called the “thence”. Thence along said property line means the property line was previously mentioned in the description, now Folio 45v is saying 6th property line of the East parcel, so the property would follow that line to Folio 46v.

This property line is very important as it’s location is vital in entering the Columbia River Bar in Oregon, USA.

In the last paragraph of Folio 45v it refers to this mark as the 11th position. This location today is still called the 11th position in standard time zones. Which is fascinating, since the science of time zones wasn’t standardized until recent times. However, the science behind the time zone exists in the Catalan Atlas and consistently used throughout the manuscript MS 408 (Voynich.)

Translation of Folio 45v: The Aleutian Islands, Alaska

I hope it passes the out beginning mark by way of pressure*weight. The lines in the water implements, situated over-rotation that is a whirlpool wind measurement enclosure. (Western Subarctic Gyre) The new way bearing is the scientific secant arc lead. The rhumb gates moving the wave inactive undeveloped descending toe and resolves away the smallest possible amount. Having a new way the abyss area grids eastward the velocity of an orifice.

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