Mexico to Hawaii – Folio 50v-51r

Captain’s Blog 3/27/2023

Research Update: Our team has been hard at work in developing a sustainable Voynich Manuscript dictionary, which takes a great great deal of effort. Much more work of course to be done on that front but we have at least half of the terms in the manuscript researched to its fullest extent complete with etymology. The findings will be published at a later date.

Folio 50v: Equatorial Counter Current, Panama

50v Translation: How to navigate the trade winds and time of year.
Sheltered from the wind alee, you will hoist. Low quality flows wear out, it gets the lines in the water and it says to study this meticulously. We are shining the observations, I am hoping it gives the mark. The self contained area uses the atmospheric vorticity knots by means of moving forward, it is able to, and I would discard the expressed fault set up. The lower region gets toward the bearing. Immediately the further away the canal air you go. Magnification additional use forward out. The earlier leave bridge beam is out the device. It is important to seek the white (color). The leader outermost you might’ve approached the measurement, it weaves the bearing ventured. They are getting what I am producing. Watch the annual advance, prepare the joint, consumes early autumn. The obscure measurement fluid is a strong link East. Erosion gives out and is going, they are getting the function hill out, the true sense of the word. Towards the prohibited cavities on, examine surely, it pulls to pieces and should go devastating to reach out like a siege engine. I am hoping it produces of that the perception of an inflamed origin. Balance the wheels math rule hill, it implements a teased rumple.

50v Voynicheese to Latin Characters:
lua se isor velusa jetusa epuisa jetei ver epor porsoh
lueson eyia etom visa jetoia usa eta tiesa uya eton
peuisa jetesa uiuta vuta soiei atyia jetisa eton etoi
sar jeon eiom eirom ei etysa etusa elor uuta er
aua loir uuta jitom jesom eiuita uisa utisa etisas
som tisoir etoi uesa jetisa etor etuia etisa elor utya
lisom esom er otom ater som ueta jelusa lia soiroh
ator etoir eler jetisa atuei tor uuta eitom eton jeas
alvies on viva iuisa tusa elom etoin ota
suisa etom eiusa eieysa atyes or oros
iuia tor atua tusa

Folio 51r: Aloha from Hawaii

51r Translation:
Area of the laws of sine: divide throughout the point, error. Covered in soot the border passes the use, to get the measurement observe the whirlpool. Increase east. Hurried the length of the secant arc is important to seek the borders of the known world. The narrow passage is exposed, terrifying outside. You are to implement the bottom (Guadalajara Islas Marias.) The discipline of the origin out mounds the gates, passes to the secant arc. Heavy, it consumes the boarders employing the run-in. Those are the Chinese Imperial sailing route measurements set up, you are crossing the grid. Suppose the narrow passage implementation confirms the way, discarding the source mark published, it belongs to the exceeding above (Hawaii). You are projecting out unharmed. Look carefully for a settlement/city/forest. The atmosphere prepared marks the y shaped channel. It is the worst stink (Volcanic Sulfur.) It is as if the knot is separate of the embankment. The edge station is important to seek, you are a moment from a waterfall. Radius night grid gets the orifice plate, the outer surface radius earlier flight is removed.

51r Voynicheese to Latin:
lveisua jelua epuior apuisa
suiesom utiesa utesa utesa uesa
asuesa utia ela etiesor jeta
som ulir etei uiesa uta uiya
luiesa jesom utia jeuta lom
auesom uetom atuesom atois
auer or uuta tue jetua ela sa
evei esom utia utiesa jetia elasa
lei som soih juesoi soi jesa jeiloh
luesom upiosa jetoi elesom teieloh
aeyr utya tei uyoi etier jeutia puesoi
eom utei atiei eluia upiesom atieisa
socc ula jesom taysoi upesoi r oi soh
jetei uier utoi r er oisa eloi

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