F 55v-57r Spice Islands & Journeys End

Captain’s Blog 4/23/2023:

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Up until this point the Tucker STEM Team has not revealed nor talked about in great depths the “apparatus” found in MS 408 (Voynich Manuscript.) The manuscript is backwards: it first shows the maps with descriptions on how to use the apparatus, per folio, based on locality; after 57r the manuscript describes what the apparatus actually is and how to put it together. In the following months we will go over the apparatus in greater depths, what it is, why its hardly known in history and how to use it. It was not well known because; it was not used for long; and more advanced surveying tools like the sextant and theodolite superseded it.

The text in the manuscript is complicated (even when reading it in modern English) with descriptions on how to operate the apparatus; using engineering/ meteorology/ oceanography/ geo-physics language, geodetic calculations and apparatus part descriptions. Our math team discovered the apparatus about two years ago. The linguist team and the math team have always used the blind test system. The linguistics team was never shown what the apparatus was and how to use it. If the language was right the knowledge of the apparatus could not influence the linguist. Each folio was carefully translated using a repeatable system and then vetted by a professional land surveyor, archeologist, astronomer and physicist; which they have a deep understand of the apparatus and the history of surveying equipment. Each folio translation matched with precision detail exactly what you would need in that mapped location using this device.

So, the point is this, we know you all are confused. If you don’t know what the device is, the translation is meaningless. So hang on with us, the Voynich will make sense, we just have to teach you in the way the authors of the manuscript intended. #Science.

Folio 55v – Overview

Folio 55v is located directly in the heat of the intertropical convergence zone the birth place of Earth, so rich minerals its wealth is unending. In the drawing there seems to be a smudge in the grid system of the flower – however – it is not a smudge – it is the island Timor. Timor is the edge of a time zone boundary which is still used today. The authors of the manuscript insert clue words; clue words will be in both the base language and a tribal language of the mapped area. In Folio 55v the clue word is tyape which is a northern Australian Aboriginal a type of edible larvae meaning hooked stick. The clue is a reference to the Gulf of Carpentaria where Java and Australia are closest together.

Folio 55v: Translation
Time citation use covers the tile forefront. They are going, fluctuating. The islands link is magnified, the inlets eddy the originator linking the causeway information earlier on. The Mother-Womb North surveyors lead grounds unprocessed, you go the hill zero. I am producing the outing quadrilateral secant arc. The knots belong to North. Having ventured it gets moving and consumes the smallest measurement velocity outside the ridge.
A deception, the sunlight bends earlier on. (smudged word) tousles the long pole, the beginning keeps above the excess value lead, you get a bearing to get forward. The authors level ruler secant arc you are producing the going. It completes the gates and ejects, by way of the earlier. Towards the bow of the ship I am hoping it yields towards the observed tangent, it is going the radius unprocessed. I am hoping it produces the atmospheric vorticity all around. The forward is a false bottom, erosion is going the smallest unit. Stake the beginning. Heavy rain observations. Unprocessed bring forth its entirety for a long time it aids the measurement beginning outside. It is going the rotational angle about the vertical axis against the beginning descending measurement and moves like and eel.

55v Voynicheese to Latin Characters:
t uys usa eison uula || eleisom sesas
eiys alya etysa jeom || etiesa atyr ok
jety ia er on jeei oi uisa || dor om ei tor oh
etor uutsa uio sa tya por oi || auisa jeton esa
atom som atoir uita soma
etus son vietia er on || (id?) tusa puoi or oisa sora
lor uisa jetom etor jei || elor ua ulor loie sa etora
a tota jetua etoi uia er || erom etom aton olo ta
eom ei r om etom eta || alom elor atoi ator ei
atom uie or uyta eisa || om etoi eilua era eron
som or uita eit yua ri || or om som eloh

Folio 56r – Overview

Folio 56r is along the Sundra Shelf.

Folio 56r: Translation
Separate the projection edges, it passes ragingly. Teh secant arc descending is going the authors North. The observations descending is the authors origin observation arc length. Remove the descend and set apart the veils fairways. The isthmus time is out of sync, pass through knots. The Monster Waves information is yearly. The barrier wind outward expresses the descending. I am producing the use. The authors wind and the authors use measurement implements joining together the knot measurement, it goes longitudinal. Boatswain: fluid grids remove the authors fluid path out the secant arc.
The loads two mark amply passes through the length of time. The allower divides fixedly going the length. The way radius plus unprocessed vertical asymptote is masa (flat ocean floor aka Sundra Shelf), the measurement is fixed to wind outward. Sighting source I am getting the relative vorticity. The new way survey stake out – double remove the wheel stopper. the stopper ventures, fasten together the pass through. The tower information gated area bellow measurement secant arc. There is a hunting mound origin ruler, remove, it is separate knot measurement.

Folio 56r: Voynicheese to Latin Characters
eluei uurla ela iri sa ua a ue upa uerua ua
ue tuia uoi ueia ter ua uatia uela vetom
eiuia uetuei uia tya jetya uetya uetra
jeluer uer ueter uter ua || etor usa
ue uer ue uesoia som
atuesa suia tya som a
vetuei euler ueta soi
ruei uea ueta uy ute sa
lueta tuei vei vel uia luei
aluer elua uel a l via retom
va tuya som ulei uer ueter
vue tuia jet etua
etua uetuie tuoi
ruei uelei jelua
jelua uesa uler uia tuorh
uetya jetuya ruia som sa
ve uetua tue or rele sok
eluia tiei som

Folio 56v – Overview

Folio 56r is a description of how to adjust the apparatus to the scale of the map. It was a difficult page to translate because the characters where spread out and the spaces between words where difficult to identify. This would suggest that they where modeling this off of a different map. In the translation it says that “the page line will carry over to the next page.” Which it does, folio 56v and 57r are in the exact same location and you have to line up the drawings where they both touch the edge of the paper.

Folio 56v: Translation
Full tide mark is the by way and gets the lines in the water, like an orifice battling. The page line will carry over to the next page, the undeveloped measurement is undeveloped flat plain. A heavy time of day dams the measurement like a wheel. The grid out is widespread measurement, analyze loses, it grazes the previous space. Time is out of sync, wind is outward.
Towing a gluey mark, time the ‘L’ shaped tool and implement, it hunts the instrument and settles the apparatus. Largely fixed it hunts, the hill cultivates the atmospheric vorticity. You go the approximately double the velocity of an orifice. The passage observation axis drapes the chord pass through twice beats. The gated area, keep whole, you are going into an active tide obscured and unprocessed. The collective region as a whole there are marked measurements. Time the stake two fluid observations, separate the time of day measurement observation. Regarding ‘T’*time, the time of day measurement.

Folio 56v: Voynicheese to Latin Characters
tuial vei uia jetem ver jeluiei uerer
vesvy jeliya jelya som jelya ulor
euia uei uei jeluia som uelyia soi
rua luia som sya los
jeliyd vetuya rom
uetuei uer uter
tuetua gluei vei uei elyas
atuer uetua jetue luya toi
vel uel uetua tue tom eta
ei ua tve va alei ueler asa
ueluia tyei uia tuei luon
jetuia ulya itya tuialon
ater om uerei ve vei som
uei uie tuei ueta ueler
eluei uei uei som uelom
re tuei uei uei som

Folio 57r – Overview

As the folio 56v says at the bottom “We made it!” The beautiful Christmas Island, Australia. The authors use a particular word at the end of the page “lupa” meaning she-wolf. The she-wolf in the 14th century was used to express the location between this world and the next. Christmas Island is literally the gateway between the Old world and the American continent.

Folio 57r – Translation “Merry Christmas”
Pi borders of the known world a primary point of the level crown contestably that is North speed going seesawed contestably to blazing fire. The easting margin rests the stake out. The authors out keep whole the vector time pass through radius. A reluctant way, destroys the sake, sea-level height is getting the way. Eddies increase the wye level sector area stake knots. Analyzing the mark twain, increase the undeveloped, it blinds forming an eddy horizontally the pointer instrument measurement wye level grid.
Widespread afflictions moves like an eel out, the magnification seals the document. Katabatic wind secant arc scale howls the measurement. The fault line discard the whole algebra rack. Flaw actions, remove the “h”. The eastern fault line (Java Trench) notice in every way the secant arc. The new way lead grid gets the grid and consumes the stake out rudder North set up. The location outward measurement lead is a seasonal wetland. The troposphere had weaved the observed and towers going restricting the rose medallion she-wolf (location between this world and next). The ‘S’ mark, keep whole from the above Yew Tree.

Folio 57r: Voynicheese to Latin Characters
peye utia eson uiep viesa ve upa s a vyp viesa aesoh
soir oir uila uie uta ue uta uielia vtui r osom via
jatyesa uie eta jetiesa vya etiesa uiesa uye sa uie tysa
syer uieula uiesa jelyesa eulesa etyesa uliesa uesar
jetue som uye soh
luiesoi eloh uuta etyssa seula epuia sa teson eperoh
som vysa jetysa uilia || elyes vitia lisa eloish
soir vysa avisa uti sa || etua uisa soi jeti soh
esoir vieute ror oi soysa || suiutia som uisa ulisa
jeulya tisa visom || ruier a tied julia lupa
svisa ulya upis eh

Early Maritime Trade Routes in the Pacific

Going over all the locations in MS 408 and connecting it to where maritime trade routes where coming from, it is obvious, to me at least, who had the Voynich Manuscript. (See map below) The Spanish use maritime locations we have identified as Folio 12. The Dutch do not use MS 408 mapped locations. However, the British use nothing but the entire Voynich Manuscript routes! When trade opened up in Oregon the British used the Voynich location, Fort Astoria developed by John Jacob Aster.

Side Note: When Lewis and Clark made it to the mouth of the Columbia River in 1806 they needed another rifle. Because the Tribes where already trading with the British they had rifles to barter with Lewis and Clark. Which means Lewis and Clark might have been the first to travel to Oregon by land, but the British where already there by sea.

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