“Tucker Collection Artifact TC-24”
Photo by Dr. Wayne R. Tucker, Ph.D.

Tucker STEM Team
Specializing in Archeoastronomy

The Tucker STEM team led by Wayne R. Tucker, Ph.D, focuses on projects involving archeoastronomy, land surveying, and engineering with over forty-four (44) years of experience in archeological sites, cartography, land surveying, taphonomy, engineering and astronomy. As published author’s The Tucker STEM research and analyze topics in: Engineering; Mathematics; Physics; Archaeology; Weather Modeling; Taphonomy; Archeoastronomy; Human History and prehistory; and the Quaternary Extinction. Recent publications include “Land of Pu, Volume I;” “Lost Language of Braveheart and Robert de Bruce King of Scots;” and “Galwegian Middle-English Dictionary,” (the language of the Voynich Manuscript.)

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