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The Tucker STEM Team is an online museumeducation, and research group. We are a community of scientists exploring humanities knowledge of astronomy and exploring new physics possibilities. Join us on our journey. 

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F 55v-57r Spice Islands & Journeys End

Captain’s Blog 4/23/2023: Up until this point the Tucker STEM Team has not revealed nor talked about in great depths the “apparatus” found in MS 408 (Voynich Manuscript.) The manuscript is backwards: it first shows the maps with descriptions on how to use the apparatus, per folio, based on locality; after 57r the manuscript describes…

F. 55r – Papua New Guinea

Captain’s Blog 4/17/2023: Hello MS 408 … why? Why have you forsaken me. Nothing like saving one of the hardest pages for the last in the map section. The context of the page regards the whole standard of accuracy when applied to torsional constants. There are markings in very light rose paint in the left…

F. 54v – Latitudes and Departures

Captain’s Blog 4/17/2023 Folio 54v of MS 408 references how to calculate latitudes and departures. When you calculate coordinates the sum of the coordinates will be calculated off the latitudes and departures. When you come to the end of the traverse the error of closure will give you the bearing. In the case of 54v…

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