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The Tucker STEM Team is an online museumeducation, and research group. We are a community of scientists exploring humanities knowledge of astronomy and exploring new physics possibilities. Join us on our journey. 

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Mexico to Hawaii – Folio 50v-51r

Captain’s Blog 3/27/2023 Research Update: Our team has been hard at work in developing a sustainable Voynich Manuscript dictionary, which takes a great great deal of effort. Much more work of course to be done on that front but we have at least half of the terms in the manuscript researched to its fullest extent…

F 49v:California Current & Counter Current

Captains Blog 2/14/2023 Happy Galentines Day! Folio 49v of MS 408 (Voynich Manuscript) is a map of the California Current and Counter Current from Puget Sound, Washington to Mexico. In the translation the authors refer to this region as “Newtlandia (or) The Land of Newts.” During this time period they thought that newts could live…

The Question Mark ? of Folio 45v

Captain’s Blog: 1/16/2023 In MS 408 (Voynich Manuscript) there is a non reoccurring symbol in Folio 45v – the mysterious question mark. First symbol in line 6. In researching the history of the question mark I discovered an interesting old urban myth, though sadly the likelihood of it being true is slim to none. Yet,…

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