Folio 33r-34v, Zambezi River – Congo Basin

Captain’s Blog 5/25/2022:

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The river systems maps in the Voynich has confused me to no end. Folio 33r the Zambezi River, Folio 34r the Congo River, and Folio 35r the Great Rift Valley. Why it confuses me is there is no connection between these rivers. In other folio’s there is a connection between on section to the other, these three folios only connection is by land. There are settle clues that there are sections along this path that need to be traveled by horse (root system of Folio 34r and 34v.)

Folio 33r: Easter Eggs.
(1) Viperberus “European Adder Snake”: not aggressive unless provoked, bites can not kill you, in folklore is is known as wise, healing, cycle of life and death and is known as the Guiber-Snake that can fly.
(2) Adders Stone: To the druids it was a sacred amulet that carried great power to: heal the eye, victory over enemies, sees future events, powerful poison, helps find hidden treasure, makes weather invisible. It is made of green glass with a hole in the center. Our team has worked with similar cultures using a similar object along the silk road. The silk road merchants called it the “Bi”. In running tests on hundreds of “Bi” artifacts they are capable of navigation, where most have maps, star clusters and regional land marks. This was passed into the Solutrean tradition making its way into Viking/Norse cultures known as the sunstone/adderstone. We are currently undergoing additional research into the Voynich connection between the trade route cultures, the Solutrean tradition and the linguistical patterns that confirm Dennis Stanford of the Smithsonian Institution and Bruce Bradley of the University of Exeter hypothesis true. For more information about this you can read our book “Land of Pu Volume I,” and Stanford and Bradley’s excellent book “Across Atlantic Ice.”

Folio 33r: Taking the South Equatorial Current heading towards Madagascar Current. Visible from both Madagascar and Africa. Noted in the root system.

Translation of Folio 33r:
Volume of water divided by the velocity difference swings upward. Difficulty appointed entry it elutes the improper usage. The measurement I am maintaining gets outside and stays , it had been going and assists directly forward. The point ahead founder goes at a distance out, they are getting the official mark. Use the weave that gates and consumes. Make a skillful leave. The opening is observing the former nights observation space, hoping it produces a sure way. Prepare the order, the natural state rhumb brings to an end the earlier natural state. Should go wobbled, the natural state yields are removed, uses like is escapes guesses and moves like an eel. Confirm the wind natural state, the earlier state knows the direction of the beginning eddy. (Madagascar Eddy’s)

Folio 33v Notes: The Madagascar Eddy’s heading into the opening of the Zambezi River entrance. The root system is showing the full Zambezi River channel with short-tail stingrays that live at the mouth of the river and ocean.

Translation of Folio 33v:
Valuable beginning measurement. The axis slips a differing account, the beginning natural state of god pulls the grid secant arc. The atmospheric vorticity moves away from the area use-line. Maintain, it moves like an eel and curved. Confirm the out secant arc, it fills up the appointed atmospheric vorticity grid. I am producing the secant arc that is a difficult secant arc. The eluter variant secant arc grids, it gets the variation secant and projects the lead diminished situated area. Deceived it ventured, I am hoping it produces the forefront individual entrance. The enclosure = secant arc + length of the secant arc. The secant arc wears away outside the secant arc and away from it. Confirm the diversion I am producing, a use. The rundown riles up. I am discharging used.

The length of the variant secant arc swings, the point of view has been forced out the measurement. The atmospheric vorticity yields a mountainous use area of a sector. In conclusion, confirm the beginning way, the knot mathematics new way I am producing is an annual descending measurement. Passable. Confirm the natural state, you are yielding a rudder early. The natural state of the wind beginning “cairn” mark. The earlier out beginning natural state I am producing is synchronized, the declaration of the beginning earlier passing through the significant previous magnification producing information of night knots shrine.

Folio 34r: The Congo River
(For a complete work see previous post from March:

Sharp chirping noises at the egg shaped shore (Congo Basin.) Deceives forward at the river mouth. The instruments observing eye confirms leeward side. The alderman is contestable every time. Flying (sailing) has been a force out. It is wiser that the framework’s entirety is a bit towards as you will stop at the waterway used. Confirm away from the force out, inactive annually, fluctuates, consumes tenaciously. The boundary marker measurement passes through the bearing tree (ships figurehead aka naked women in the VM) velocity of an orifice out. Redeem the official mark (mark and twain) for passport to go. You must be moving forward to the origin. The Island Chief has been forced out of the network territory. The unusual observation at the forefront of the island (Island Lago) wires. The sacred cubit knots (velocity of water, measuring the distance and speed) are strong. I am hoping the yields are getting itself a usable given force, it carries the measurement out, for the reason the orifice conceals. To get its going, it is expressed by flames (the leaves on the folio). The flows divide the already diminished that I have allowed at the beginning. (equation d1-d2.) Disordered soundings (depth of water measurement) scrapped margin method is placed earlier. The mathematical rule readings, I am hoping produces security.

Lazy going out which mocks the Wiper (nautical maintenance crew member.) The Monster Waves velocity ruler measurement out averages, it elutes the resting space. (Time Zone) The hour unprocessed ethers route gets at the forefront and uses a fleur-de-lis to get the beginning measurement grid that moves with great difficulty which circulates, vexes and flows an atmosphere zero feet set. The earlier origin erosion changes the going atmospheric vorticity (ŋ). It ventures self-contained a leader of the essential substance of God out while protecting the given knowledge of the advisor’s observations are relinquished, they are getting between the forefront.

Folio 34v: Current Location of this folio is being reevaluated.
Easter Eggs: the word “swallow” is a type of Nigerian dish. Double linguistic word for cassia sieberiana: a type of hardwood resistant to termite in very dry humid regions/jungle of Sudan and Uganda. The root system is the Congo Basin in Nigeria with the heading of going towards Sudan as depicted in the map drawn in the right most flower.

Translation of Folio 34v:
Timed mark, the use is a seesaw descending variation of a secant arc and enters the fires of hell. The average velocity on the secant line an act of deception. The deep abyss I drew the radius heading rule gate. Ideally, the new way outing employs east, they have moved. Erosion is unprocessed. The orifice plate higher position lines in the water uses. Of that the hour earlier you go, it is important for excessive intensity, the forefront additional use out. While protecting, loosen like evading the mark. Seasonal ebb and flow, employs and assists the lead measurement, moves like an eel like Satan’s helper. The earlier is a call for help, the mark is a way of passing through the central point. Passing through it gets an evading swing up.

Gust of wind is capable, it flows, you must be able to yield the deep abyss (swallow) raw lead that lets it move forward. The beginning determines the down lead passing through the knot math secant arc. They are getting an even plain to position. Let us! I will be going wide in advance, the beginning atmosphere out is down early and assists our published ivies inland/North. Monster waves knot math, pulls to pieces the lead. They are getting used. The presence of the vector radius requires the measurement use. Having read it pulls to pieces, the magnification expressed uses a lateral projection of the end of a rod by means of which it is moved at the margin. The former additional published affirms and consuming rhumbs natural state, even yields the mark.

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