Mexico to Hawaii – Folio 50v-51r

Captain’s Blog 3/27/2023 Research Update: Our team has been hard at work in developing a sustainable Voynich Manuscript dictionary, which takes a great great deal of effort. Much more work of course to be done on that front but we have at least half of the terms in the manuscript researched to its fullest extentContinue reading “Mexico to Hawaii – Folio 50v-51r”

F 49v:California Current & Counter Current

Captains Blog 2/14/2023 Happy Galentines Day! Folio 49v of MS 408 (Voynich Manuscript) is a map of the California Current and Counter Current from Puget Sound, Washington to Mexico. In the translation the authors refer to this region as “Newtlandia (or) The Land of Newts.” During this time period they thought that newts could liveContinue reading “F 49v:California Current & Counter Current”

The Question Mark ? of Folio 45v

Captain’s Blog: 1/16/2023 In MS 408 (Voynich Manuscript) there is a non reoccurring symbol in Folio 45v – the mysterious question mark. First symbol in line 6. In researching the history of the question mark I discovered an interesting old urban myth, though sadly the likelihood of it being true is slim to none. Yet,Continue reading “The Question Mark ? of Folio 45v”

Ancient Chinese Seismometer & Folio 43v

Captain’s Blog 1/13/2023: An in depth view of Folio 43v. Each Folio in MS 408 (Voynich Manuscript) has hidden technology, how to operate it and where to use it and why. To calculate where each Folio is the reader must have time and distance. Without going into a verbose lecture on geodetic calculations, (which haveContinue reading “Ancient Chinese Seismometer & Folio 43v”

The Labyrinthine byways of MS 408 Literature.

Captain’s Blog 1/3/2023 – Happy New Year Voynich Enthusiast! Many MS 408 Voynich Manuscript researchers will state that the main reason MS 408 theories get labeled as gibberish is that researchers rush too quickly to publish. I can relate, as I have come to the understanding that the context, the true context of the manuscript,Continue reading “The Labyrinthine byways of MS 408 Literature.”

Merry Christmas from the Voynich Manuscript!

Captain’s Blog 12/24/2022 There is a small inscription at the bottom of Folio 56v saying the Welsh word “wna”; a soft mutation of gwna third-person singular habitual present/future of gwneud. Meaning “You made it!” The next Folio 57r completes the full journey of the Voynich Manuscript landing on Christmas Island, Indonesia. Today, the island has a 25% Scottish/Irish population. FunContinue reading “Merry Christmas from the Voynich Manuscript!”

The First World Atlas

Captain’s Blog 10/10/2022 Happy Indigenous Peoples Day! Yale MS 408 should be known as the First World Atlas of it’s kind. It uses the Catalan Atlas Projection System, later perfected by the Mercator Projection System. The one small detailed difference between these two systems is how the cartographers and mathematicians accounted for the bulge atContinue reading “The First World Atlas”

Folio 45r-48r: Welcome to America!

Captain’s Blog 7/4/2022: Happy 4th of July USA 🙂 In honor of 4th of July this post is dedicated to the Klickitat Tribe of Oregon. In Chinook Jargon, the trade language of Native Tribes in Oregon “da hub nah – il ahi” I do this because it makes me feel good – this is myContinue reading “Folio 45r-48r: Welcome to America!”

Folio 41r-44v Singapore to Tokyo Japan

Captain’s Blog 7/2/2022 Folio 41r is severely damaged, due to this the translation is almost impossible. The cipher is so fragile that guessing the character leads to unwise translations. It appears that they used the other side of the velum so much that this side was facing a lot of surfaces and was rubbing awayContinue reading “Folio 41r-44v Singapore to Tokyo Japan”

Translations 40r-40v: Bay of Bengal

Captain’s Blog: 6/23/2022 As a recap the folio’s heading into F40r of the MS 408 was Sri Lanka. The Key to the Voynich Manuscript (Yale MS 408) is the Catalan Atlas. The following folio translations are locations drawn in the Catalan Atlas just on the edge of the boarders of the known world. The imageContinue reading “Translations 40r-40v: Bay of Bengal”