Folio 35r/v – Exodus “The Road Out”

Captain’s Blog 5/27/2022

Without the translation of Folio 35r, spying eyes might assume that this folio is the Nile River. If one took the Nile River, they wouldn’t make it half way up Sudan. It is not the road out. The way out is the East African Rift Valley. Note that the authors only put blue in the flower, this indicates that the journey is on foot and not a sailable route. The warning the authors have is that Folio 35r passes through different time zones as written and depicted a quarter way down the stem system.

Translation of Folio 35r:
Cunning rhumb arc length enclosure, it conceals the wind’s secant arc. The causeway outside stops the measurement. The edge is slippery, stops and dives, prying into the stopper having persisted in order, by means of the measurement soundings. Boatswain: there are misleading quick moves measurements. The area earlier wide hour is a bendable measurement. Spring Season lures moisture, undeveloped you all move the measurement.

The head border is unprocessed, the border lines in the water rotates. It is rotating east of the rhumb direction. The rhumb descending measurement, I’ve observed, time trenches, such that you all are to observe and identify the eastern line-up. The Ship Captain’s descend rotates, the descend is exposed at the source. The cord whole rotation gets a rotation, the instrument continuously decoys unusually and exposed. The fixed time is unprocessed, stops apart from the measurement, marks as they are stopping. The outcome rhumb discord measurement has the ability.

Notes Folio 35v: The Major Easter Egg on 35v, line 15 last word “lu.” In Middle English “lu” is the route of an administrative division of Imperial China. Zheng He’s final voyage would hit this region at the exact same time stamp as depicted in the Voynich.

Translation of Folio 35v: Gulf of Aden
For wind at the forefront borders the beginning. Dammer is separate and overpowering, it will be able to surely cover the journeys measurement. You lap the dammer, otherwise the enclosure is usually at the forefront and makes a rushing sound (shakes vigorously) loose and lures the mark. That is, the boundary measurement, it’s lure, the authors are uninformed. It joins the instrument. The authors sacred cubit (*) the sounding is a small rigid container. The wind beginning is true, an inactive sounding citation.

You go the tide left, the beginning edge lies. The velocity of an orifice value area towards the yield and new way is “hurried” (double etymology: lu – route of imperial china). The axoid (aka. folio) puts forth the measurement. The sum of the area boundaries the speed of the arc length. The measurement is always big. The authors explain the rhumb, duetee (obligated by law) to go the knots. The time measurement is missing a velocity of an orifice, thus, the outside suckles like the atmosphere of the wind.

Voynichees to Latin Characters:

35r: uleer r ueia ula uela uer sa
jetyom uetom jelua som
suom ulia jeluia lom ulera
jelua vilua utei uya som soni
euler ve luya ruya som son er
ruom uor uok som
verom luer ueta
jelya tatom som
pom uior om uior ver uom
eom uom uta r ui r ueua som
vuiom uei ulom iuom iuoisoi soir-oisa q
eier ua uom ua lm tuia teisa || uil uom
jetem uom jetuom iva iesoia || elya lom
ulei uei om jelua eluer som || vei jelom
euer r uin som alon

35v: por uer ueula reom or
jelua eluia tuer ala
suer uela uala som
alua jelua sua ula
suetua ueula uuter
vei luya uata som
lue luer vei ve utoi som
eom luer ue uelua sueis
jetuom ue lve i uem
etuya uer or vera
jel uyom uesom
suom som sem soid
ei uor es or uior
luion va lor son
atei uiei etua lu
asom etya som
som son utuia ueia
som je tiyk ue tyo r
duetia atiei uei som
desom va sua uta sok
sem uer uer

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