Folio 41r-44v Singapore to Tokyo Japan

Captain’s Blog 7/2/2022

Folio 41r is severely damaged, due to this the translation is almost impossible. The cipher is so fragile that guessing the character leads to unwise translations. It appears that they used the other side of the velum so much that this side was facing a lot of surfaces and was rubbing away at the characters by moisture. Visible damage shows moss damage, possible shrinking of page, watermarks in the upper right side causing text erosion.

Though with the math and map on the page we can determine it’s location and direction. South China Sea from Singapore heading towards Cambodia.

Partial translation: Holy Arc, long narrow depressions in between waves, the flaw (…) going (…) (…) (…) the way annually (…) secant arc. secant arc confirmed (…) North (…) secant arc gets the grid, ventures having been deceived (…) you will stop (…) east of set up. Easier (…) error says to also. The information residual (…) remove grids, the barrier. The royal (sail) detach, it pulls to pieces by joining having been deceived. Fasten together soundings.

Folio 41v: South China Sea Monsoon Currents – 10°N x 108°E
Note: The authors use the word “rack”. This is an algebra term meaning: a set with a distributive binary operation whose result is unique. Which is reflective of the first word on the page “tyre soi” meaning Wheel Grid. The wheel grid is unique to the Catalan Atlas (in which we refer to as the key to the Voynich Manuscript,) and today we use this grid with modifications to express time zones. Notice in the Catalan Atlas (below left image) the two naked men and the fish – they are set up the same way as the Voynich Manuscript depicting ocean currents; Folio 41v South China Sea Monsoon Currents.

Working Translation of Folio 41v:
Wheel Grid.
The greatly inferior wind pass I had inputted is the North right-of-way. Error. It seesaws the variant secant, use the whites (white stem system), confirm the (s)mark. A widespread space, the flaw, long narrow depression between the waves circulates the measurement annually. It is going the secant arc. The authors horizontal grids are getting even, they are getting the observation and you are moving forward the tiniest bit. The run-in puts forth to get the stakes. Disciplinaries of the isthmus graph theory, the measurement beginning time that makes the course solid. The nautical racker assistance amiably as you go the orifice plate, it aligns the bearing. The upper air is different, you are projecting out early. The racks knots grant, like taking possession of the appointed use. Approaching the undeveloped it moves in a circle which the measurement 80 devours the lead it puts forth.

Folio 42r: Taiwan Straight Current and Kuroshio Current
Note: The equations the authors used to navigate through the Taiwan Straight Current and Kuroshio Current was Archimedes’ Principle of the Law of Buoyancy, which is the discharge rate of an orifice directly proportional to the head.

Working Translation of 42r:
There is an out-head flow, it elutes an insufficient journey. The cultivated hour outside the rivers is a difficulty, leaves a supporting-wall to a significant degree. The force grids the lines in the water, a trickster around about. It confirms the watercourse and gets a value observation descending the hills.
Separation canonical tide.

A low whistling sound descending (time)residual. The ships sails walls the source, to maintain the residual outcome fix the lines in the water. The mark rushes the hour, a barrier, you are separating the defect. The slow exterior conceals the observation the (time)stake is fixed, it will be going the whole time. Mark the area, I am hopping it isn’t stopping. The authors ventured the measurement marks. Keep it whole, it confirms the descending grid per the divided marks, or the marks marked measurement rhumbs the quadrilateral like a veil it conceals a wiser citation measurement grid.
Held back the rivers rear.

Pace vies the residual volume of water, given a force it marks the indefinite quantity mark. Stop in motion the measurement hunts and escapes, suppose the defect in information descends and should go the velocity of an orifice. Water surface level escapes, covering the observation measurement. The source it is outside the enclosed succession. Mark time, it knows the locality. There is a time of day to track time*rotation of Earth. The wind escapes. The wind = (e) (ξ) xi function revolutions.
New way marks the large scope.

Folio 42v: East China Sea Typhoon – heading towards the Land of the Rising Sun
Note: What is a Typhoon? A typhoon is a highly organized storm system that develops from initial cyclone eddies and matures by sucking up from the warm tropical oceans large quantities of water vapor that condense at higher altitudes.
What is a Mesoscale Eddy? A swirling, time-dependent circulations about 100 km in width.

Working Translation of Folio 42v
The author’s knowledge of the way gives an exposed observation. Time the wind area the cyclone is widespread as it goes. The source is observable, descending and suckles the area. It will be going the measurement there is a “wind-wheel” atmospheric vorticity. The time of day proceeds to the (e) open field dammer. The outer axle rudders and has left the observation to the bottom locality (sh). Ejecting out the rhumb passing through the swelling, a strong eddy firmly mesoscale eddies while the sequence space flat area grids the authors values, bearing the speed convexity velocity of an orifice.

They are traveling the space. Jetty, there is an hour that exits. You hope it stops! There are, like the North, streets that pile, continue the descending mark. I am wobbling the swinging stick. The sound speed inlets, monster wave two quadrilateraly are racked. The way of mine is extensively by means of time. You go and return to the beginning, the east outer axle closes. There is a pass through linking the pass through whole measurement. The information sum is undeveloped, the descending is an approximate enclosure. The flyer’s arc length I am distilling the hardship to be certain of time even now.

Mesoscale Eddies


Folio 43r: Kuroshio Current – 31°N x 129°E – East of Shanghai
Note: The slightest of brush strokes in the Voynich could be the biggest clue on the page. Folio 43r is no exception, for instance, in between the pillars are fine almost not visible “wheel grid” nod marks. In the translation the authors point out a “sister” – which in the Catalan Atlas Catholic Sisters are drawn in this region. When lining these up near the nods off the shore of China it locates just east of Shanghai. The other key indicator is the symbiology referencing Chinese Bridge Money. Below is an example of Chinese Bridge Money apart of the Tucker Collection currently on display at the Natural History Museum.

Working Translation of 43r:
The antiquities (folklore) boundary marker ventures feasting the upper region. Join the marks, the false statement is unprocessed, the higher level is confirmed. Removed knowledge, the boundary marker beginning stops. Confirmed unprocessed stays confirmed, it mocks the measurement to soar. I am able and have permission to pass. The energy of God’s velocity of an orifice, I am wobbling. Detach the hollow outside, you are being stopped. Confirmed unprocessed. Leave the Sisters leeward side. Teh reading-rock formation origin beginning. The energy tool use the weight. The undeveloped region lead passes and moves like an eel, obscure lead. The speed, you hope it stops, direct annually confirmed. The period of time grids should go and maintain the source lead set up, increase the (wave * knot * resting point.)

Change in pressure through the orifice is strong. Time the variation secant arc, I had inputted the weave annually, the use that is a higher position halls the secant arc. Document the property rights, incite the grid. I am maintaining the lead, increase the velocity of the orifice, allowances made a written account of the lead measurement velocity of an orifice. Impaired higher, that an (s)mark, you will stop, set apart by means of (elevation * area) primary point of a level.

Centrifugal force, the way consumes. You will stop, deep abyss jousts. I had inputted the measurement, they are getting the volume of a sphere directly. I am maintaining the length of the arc, the mark resolves the break in wind, mocks the variation secant arc like it is going the velocity of an orifice. Hurried pathway advances outside the individual mark. It gets the mark. You will stop, the jet stream discards magnification, it has been forced out. Mark passes to the wings statues. The latitude prove is published known borders of the world, conveniently streaming. You will stop the measurement (instrument * data set * secant arc) like a beacon out by stirring up the secant arc. Where it blows, it is expressed observations outer region outward is unprocessed.

Folio 43v: East China Sea heading to Ryukyu Islands

Working Translation of Folio 43v:
High Pressure ridges, the discolored velocity of an orifice synchronizes the base early. The treaty proceeds the spaces and has been forced out the pole attached to the side (surveyors flexible ruler drawn as a snake), the mark holes has been forced out the lead, confirmed. The method of the average time vector eddies the atmospheric vorticity, stays and pulls to pieces. I am giving the out, gather and collect the inactive foremost forefront outside atmospheric vorticity, the use annually smallest unit passes through consuming excessively. The speedway stirs up the outcome unprocessed velocity of an orifice, passing through it gets expressed and published, the gated area former night (e) secant arc is forced out the entirety information.

The read annually gets the grids mark, it is obtaining the mark, corrupts the strong grids former in an unusual. Where it blows you all are going, the lead collect forefront moves like an eel. I hope it is going all around, forward it persists intended to guide away the intensity. The rack lead ventured the measurement contestably. The erosions short period is false, I am wobbling the unprocessed vault.

At the times beginning as the bird fly’s the use aerial grid, remove and detach the radius. Push the drawings imitation out of the way. The former angular radius link the increase to the snake (flexible ruler). I suppose the out use covers and violates. Distracting it had weaved, confirmed the pass through, you will stop. I will be continuing the lead information differently. The bullseye easement (folio 57v) (s)mark (folio 57v index line) collect the outermore outerway secant arc, it holds the knots, it has been forced out. To mount the tie the receiver zero-zero actively lead magnification is leadable. Hold the surveyors vane at a distance. The authors have the lead and will rack to your rack (trigonometric chart.) The Scottish spurtle (wooden spatula) had measured descending strongly. Monster waves explains the excessive information. You for the earlier unprocessed eye hole, stacked get the pass through.

Folio 44r: Osaka Japan: 30°N x 131
Note: The translation is a description of the subduction zone along the Asian plate “ring of fire.” A subduction zone is a tectonic feature on the Earth’s surface where one plate slides underneath another at a converging plate boundary. Subduction zones are solely located in oceanic basins. The oceanic plate can converge under either another oceanic plate or a continental plate.

Working Translation of Folio 44r:
(Length * vessel * vain) the earlier opening 3 supports the velocity of an orifice, it will be going the natural state. Arc sine secant arc, yours will be able. The atmospheric vorticity continues the gateway slipstream secant arc. The axial precession moves the attached (T) * indefinite quantity. Remove the measurements it eels the canal lock and goes. The apparatus discipliner: towards the main road it implements the venture and grids.

The open field spools the undeveloped wind and heavy rain. The way leeward side measurement remark (third paragraph) is always the velocity of an orifice (e) stream descending dammer division = confirms Earth’s rapid mark having stopped it will be able to go the bearing.

Pressure (*) velocity, lightening’s point of entry invigorates the path, to implement it separates as you go. Notice the outside, to get the dammer it gates and gets the Surveyors new way, wiggles like jelly towards marshy rainy off balance cavity. Dear reader, the abyss is a a great distance.

Folio 44v: Off the Coast of Tokyo Japan – 35°N x 145°E
Note: Explanation of surface eddies and how to navigate the Kuroshio Current.
The authors of the Voynich first word is the sacred cubit. The sacred cubit is an ancient unit of length based on the distance from the elbow to the tip of the middle finger. Sacred cubits where primarily used by merchant traders along the silk road. It was primarily associated with the Sumerians, Egyptians and Israelites. The term cubit is found in the Bible regarding Noah’s Ark, Ark of the Covenant, Tabernacle, Solomon’s Temple.

Working Translation of Folio 44v:
Sacred Cubits. Having stopped fix surely, it will be going. The mark route is congealing and it will be going!! Metrical chord yields a jet stream fixed to separate the measurement mark. I hope it isn’t stopping on the route. Oceanographer: pause, it will be going the measurement resting enclosure.

Going at night, foam in the lines in the water particulars. Average time vector that goes leeward side has a low up sound and howl. It approaches the cave passage, fixed secant arc wave visual.

Length(*)stake secant arc. The watercourse consumes and marks the way to go down. (riddle): Wingedly aerially you go the remark observation the linguist east of the forefront continues. (answer. the linguist remark on the east is on top the flower on the right, the riddle is telling the reader to take the current east.) Winter gates the length of a variant arc upward movement. The apparatus produces time of day fluid. I am hoping it yields the enclosure that moves away from turbulences. Slow revolves the forefront defect it will be going, lures the line in the water to True North.

Voynicheese to Latin Characters

tyre soi
puiesa jepuypa epusa upitusa || apuisa uipuipa vs usa jeloi sor
svisa luia rom vitia etis etoia || som etisa atyesa uea liea soh
jetiesa etia jetiesa eiyei itisa || ityesa jetysa etya jetei vieir
auier eiuia som or uei eiom || elysa jeliei eliesor eron
losom ei uier alysa etoi ois || eliei jetoi er eliesa
tya etia atyei utsa usoi || atie om etiesa eia
som eitye itei uisa etya

ve epom ulouua eluya puier
rei tom uor uita elvom soira
leva ulvor uelor uon soi
ver uilor uel ord sor ulom
jetor ueuta ueler ua tora
seron uor
pue ua tvom velom uoh von
avei uyr ulei ver vei ila uora
jeluer eluei ule luesok utuera
uela sei tvie uler elei ulei uei || vei son
jeler ue uesa som vei ulya sor || ua soysa
suya uei vei uetom ueita suta || son soi
je per vei vel vei vei som son r || uioh
vetvia uela uson uesom som || soh
puesa elvia sesom
pasom vier vom lv eiua veia
velei vei uila som uetua utom
jesa ule ua elom va lvir utom
eluela som uel ve uta ula rer
vei uei vete etei ve uei uei uoi
vei uei uei vei glom ger esok
tuom uer utom uer e ξ uom
etuei vei teir uyd

ue ule vya jeue lom veir || uei uer son
svia luia a tuia ulua ua (43) sok || son elei som
ve uelesa uelei eta uei uei || siuula elea
jelua utua rorsa || es oyi || atya etei sh
uetye r uia uilek || tora etei uilom
etietior uieluor || ra || rom ulor soh
ue t vie tia tyia s || uutid va
resoi rom
pevier ve uor uituia jeles || ve upie rua
ruer etuia ua vei eier uiom || glia luyd s
jeom jetya tuei uioi elieis || via lioms
uel uya uei ei uom elyom || utua loma
ve uia lier uia uulia som || uetya som
jelya ua tua ula vlyr ueia || roror onoi
uetia uei etia

psrocra soilie va soia vyl er oresi itie rorom elisa epeisa
visa eula elisa uisa sor ulvta eliesa eta etoisa tusa etor
lesa lisa jel ueula ueula uta eta usa etisa atom uia esa sora
svia atysa uyr om va jeulisa uia jetor uiuta etoh
jetuisa er oi e sa elisei uilsa ulia
leitusa etisa jeti soi visa etisoi visa pusoi elia soi er on
alvisa atiesa eatysa uisa lisa uula eloh el alom elor
vil uies ud euisa eliesa uisa uesa som viesa ator uip
alusa eier om euta
loruer or oisoi usa soisor uipa alysa rapuia puisa aper
avya er ocr alya uiesa orvie jesa uuta usa uela viula
avy tisa sor uia jelisa itom uisa ulia eliei orom eson
svisa lisa utisa uituyaa sa tiesa elisa uyloh etisor oh-oh
satyson uisa etysa uisoi eitia uita ue ai uisa eliereh
elies jeitya toisa ua soresa jetya tei sora lorer
ei yir om eieom elier jeta uia

loresom alisa uesa epulor uupisa apor vei peier om upa sor
aliesa oliei alisa or uila sor om etoisa soroi elusa som soar
ala ala ela vi esa va eier alysa tom uta jelasa sor om atoh
soror alia lisa tor or or vi toi usa ueita jeloia uisa ela eloh
ater uisa vitesa jelesa jelor etisa sor ueilua soh elom aloh
tuisa uisa soia uiesa uieitypua
pvira elia tvsa epusa tisor etisa usa veupia sala sa pusa tisa soh
aluisa uisa uiesa va jeim vita uisa som va ateior olom eis
svisa jelisa ser uya eson
pvsor via esa jelisa apusa jeutisa epusa som jetisa sasasa jelor
aluisa la vei leisa vesa elusa vsa eleiei va eila alei elora uitasa
ser vei jetei visa jelisa jetosa jetesa etysa elisa visa ela alasa dom
lvis jevutia esysa jietya jelisa som vesxsa veuei uuta atisa sa
atiesa uiuta uelya uutia ueter om

lvespa eroupa teyr apveia va eleie om
asv sa yir ala eta etuia jetuia sua sa
ecor ite tya tvelei eloi som ele lo a toi
auer atuia atua uesa soh
lea vave jelya uer uyta vya alia som
sver aluei va e puyt ua jelua elua sor
jolgd eas vei jelva a ala ueh
pva epuia jepua epuia recra veier atua
eluei ei su uta jeta jelua jetua jetas
jetuer etua jele atei ueta ueta ueisoh
alve jeuta etuesa

lve jelva ulei suer elei vei lei jelvei eleisa
aeitei uiei jetuon soia eluei som vei jeler on
lei etuer vila elei som ula ula
aetoies vom ver veresa vta ve a lua epues epa
eon vei ula upom atuer elua jela eluier ulon
ela luom ulei sa uiei eieia
lvie sa ulom esom vei via gla aleso ei
sver ulyr ieityid uta uula ie
ive jetua lva upom uloi toi
etoi uei uei ueta etom ula eloi
auia liei uom uula ule elei
luer ver socri

Tune in to next weeks post for a shocking revelation in where they are headed!

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