51V-52V Pacific Intertropical Convergence Zone

Captain Blog 4/3/2023

51V Pacific Equatorial Countercurrent

The left image shows the Pacific Trade Winds.
The right image shows the Pacific North Equatorial Current and Countercurrent.

Folio 51V. Notes: In the previous folio it states to look very closely at a waterfall. The waterfall is folio 51v. In the (Intertropical Convergence Zone) Pacific Equatorial Countercurrent has a waterfall effect. In this region the currents and the winds fight against each other. Britannica says this about the current: “To either side the trade winds blow constantly and push great volumes of water westward in the equatorial currents, raising the sea level in the west. Within the doldrums, where strong constant winds are absent, the higher western sea levels flow downslope to the east. The Pacific Equatorial Countercurrent is very strong and is definable year-round.”

Folio 51V Translation:
Moveable wall, they are a jet stream drawn immobile, speed*radius after space secant arc. Speed*break in wind = outer. It gets filled up descending. Discard the measurement enclosure, sift the enclosure, the outer region I have allowed a loose joint. The space maintain and should go. You will get the higher position and informs the radius of God (rhumb line.) The device nominates the measurement beacon, gathering enlarged gets an appearance abyss. Towards it should confirm, it goes forward unstably rolls from side to side shooting forward rigidly. Producing time measurement inactive citation the gated area secant arc descending radius doors, like an open courtyard. The radius, smaller jet stream you go the bearings. They are shooting forward, plastered to the previous connectedness measurement (51r left sided leaves,) so that the source twice knots the stake. I would throw out the highest degrees, observe the way at the bottom pass through. The assets are east of the measurement. The authors border measurement yield the navigation.

51v Voynicheese to Latin Characters:
pevesa jetesor vesom jeloi || sr uya rom rom sa
svesa utesa jetei satom ua || jetia som ula
luesa ula uutia jes aluesa || suei rom aloh
elom jesoi aloi uiesor resa || elie som veteh
lesom alesa jetei vesei jeuta || atei elom sor a
elor uliesa jeupa jetoi jelom || elatoi uei som
jelei uesom jetuie sa ua r ues || aulei r eiuela
ei tyesa jetoi jesom auter apoi
som utei von tueie
atiei vie jetesa peis
auieta vya atya uia
eueuta som ue utia
som uiei uieson

Folio 52r
Equatorial Countercurrent and Peru Current

Folio 52r. Notes: MS 408 (Voynich Manuscript) depicts the Equatorial Currents as hot flames. In this region the cold water from the Peru Current mixes with the hot water of the equator making for a stormy brew. The Britannica says of the Peru Current “… a cold current, except at times of the phenomenon known as El Niño (q.v.), the Peru Current brings fog to the nearby coast but also helps to keep the coast one of the most intensely arid areas in the world. The cold flow is intensified by upwelling of deep water caused by the combined effects of the drag of surface winds of the Southeast Trades and the Earth’s rotation.”

Folio 52r Translation:
Cardinality of the narrow passage is fittingly because the lines in the water convexity measurement nears the separation, confirmed. It will be able to pass the lines in the water bare. To get the tuft the earthlier eastern is forward the following unproductive way. You must stop! The new way sifts, congeals the atmospheric vorticity bare. Multiply the arrow to get the divider passes, confirm. It passes to the grids, than the forefront atmospheric vorticity wind watch for the hour in the lines in the water route, the arctangent of the spin of Earth is a “hot” use line. The measurement visual you are getting the secant arc. I advise not to separate the secant arc. The new direction is accurate, the flow of liquid vertical asymptotes pours eastern windpipe. Expiate the true secant arc to the bottom set up zero. Tears and sets apart the path a moments radius by means of joining the measurement.

Folio 52r Voynicheese to Latin Characters:
lset uupa aupte aloir jepa som apua eluei sor ala
ela ver aleisa jeta teisoi elyir soir || elor si
luel via jela etuei luesa jeloh eta || aleisa
i vepua jeta jelua ela sor ela soh || auules
eta uer etuoi etuor ver lei atocr || alusoh
som visom jesoi sa uetoh eluer sa || etuei se
jetva jeuteh soir vesoh luoh sesa || atya soih oh
eruya ser via teh r uya suoh som

Folio 52v: Equatorial Current

Folio 52v Notes:

  1. The leaves of folio 52v are indicative of the whiteleg shrimp native to the eastern Pacific Ocean, from the Mexican state of Sonora to as far south as northern Peru.
  2. A while back we posts a blog regarding how Ancient Greeks would use their Gods as real locations on Earth. They use Poseidon to describe the Atlantic Ocean and his wife Amphitrite is a map of the Pacific Ocean. This knowledge is important because the Voynich authors will refer to the body parts of these gods to reference a location. Folio 52v uses the term “borders of the known world royal-breasts.” Amphitrite’s royal breasts are the North Equatorial Current.

52v Translation:
The extreme northerly North, you will elute and will be able to solve the northern-way. We developed the time whole speed angular diameter velocity of an orifice. The tears wrathful wind descends the grids previous wind quickly that lets it advance the slippery passageway stakes. Moves like an eel and lures, it is important the whole information shared yields the heading point headland. Link the arrangement set orifice plate northerly*speed beginning secant arc. The rudders gel the measurement set atmospheric vorticity twice.

Smallness of the subterranean set unprocessed is the wrong enclosure. The very large wave radius you go the measurement outer. The time obtainability measurement duration, I would discard, times goes to (resorts) unprocessed. the measurement lines in the water is important to seek the boarders of the known world “royal-breasts” in order to implement out. Erosive it should go, it explains the grids consumption, the stakes-hole make the preparations.

52v Voynicheese to Latin Characters:
puer uupei upom eluier aler tei ueupor
aluia uei ule s occr va ter iri uer ua soh
eer uer ueuor ir ulyer alei viei eloh
luer ulier uliei uyer uiei uiutya rosa
alya uler uier upie s or sa || rorsh
jelesom uler ela tueia

puiei veiem uler om
tesom ula jetya r ei
som utiei uei jetiei som
aetya jetesa uei reir om
som ver jesom utia roi
jeitor utei atuesa uta
ator elom utyia socch
esor uieter utya

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