Voynich Manuscript is Galwegian Gaelic

January 18, 2021

Happy Martin Luther King Day!

In researching the languages of Scotland during the medieval time there are a lot of possibilities to explore. In 1450 Scots were starting to speak a language they called Inglis but not in Galloway where Kirkcudbright Castle stands. Though, our family were royal court members and were known to have spoken both Scots and Gaelic (or more specifically Galwegian Gaelic.) I have to run multiple tests on each language but we think it may be a hybrid of these possibilities. 

So … there is no written known text of Galwegian Gaelic – seriously! There is a poem Òran Bagraidh and was said to have been collected by oral historian Donald MacRury. It’s a start at least. Hopefully somewhere in my DNA there lives an epiphany. 

(A few hours later)

… What a momentous day … let it be known by all those present that Lady Katie May and his Lordship Wayne Riley have broken the language and cardinal codes of the Voynich Manuscript. It is Galwegian Gaelic spoken by the McLellan Clan of Kirkcudbright Scotland. Confirmed by translation and by the map orientations.

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