Starships Going Where No One has Gone Before

January 26th, 2021

It’s just dawned on dad that the boats were referred to as “Star of the Sea” – the boats are literally starships. StarShips! And the manuscript is the first voyage to “go where no one has gone before.” 

The last paragraph on the first page is very damaged. In zooming into each word there are some irregularities. Either someone at a later date tried to repair the writing or something of a mystery is going on with all the o’s.  

January 27th, 2021

About 98% completed on translating the first page. It references that whoever takes the sea going mission would be given special permission to go anywhere outside the traditional European sailing routes. Around 1456 the McLellan Clan was given special permission to trade outside national waters by Royal Decree. No one in our family was ever aware of what our family did to be given such a privilege.  We contacted the historical society of Kirkcudbright to see if they have any documents about this event. 

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