Evidence of Columbus on Oak Island?

February 16th, 2021

Recently an important clue has been found on Oak Island and very timely to the translation of the page regarding Oak Island Gold vaults. A heal of a fancy shoe was found in a tunnel 181 feet below the surface level. The carbon date of the leather is 1492. Curious as Columbus sailed 1492.

We had long suspected that when Pinzon left Columbus on Christmas Eve 1492 he traveled to a location where templars hid gold. Pinzon was the captain of the faster ship the Pinta. The following day they claimed that the ship Santa Maria ran aground and sank. Weeks later on January 27, 1493 Pinzon met back up with Columbus and just magically found a boat full of gold? After which both ships sail back to Portugal together.

There was enough time for Pinzon to sail up to Oak Island, take gold out of the first vault we call Enoch’s tumb and reconven with Columbus.   With dad’s calculations the distance from Bermuda to Oak Island is 2007 miles, going 20 knots per day at fair weather the voyage at most would take 12 days. Using the Gulf stream and the North Atlantic Gyre to get back to Columbus, it is possible that the shoe on Oak Island belonged to a crew member of the Pinta. 

While dad was doing research of ships coming in and out of Kirkcudbright Bay an odd entry appeared. The spanish ship Santa Maria of Biscoy docked in Kirkcudbright Bay twice, 1509 and 1512. From the book “Kirkcudbright Bay 1300-2005.” The entries of the ship are logged on page 232.

According to the Encyclopedia Britannica the “Santa Maria’s” original name was Marigalante and was used as the flagship by Columbus to his first voyage to America. It is described as being 117 feet long and armed with bombards and no figurehead. 

Was Santa Maria a Ghost Ship? It is obvious that she did not in fact sink in 1492. But was she a Templar Ghost Ship in which we will never find?

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