Who’s on First

“Experience, in all ages, and in all countries, has demonstrated, that it is impossible to control nature in her distribution of mental powers.” Thomas Paine

In all my studies one thing has become abundantly clear, everyone likes to be the best, or first, or the smartest. If you’re looking for a reason to be the best, you will always find someone to best. By the same token if you live in opulence and feel down trodden almost everyone will appear to have what you want. If you have something you don’t want, no one else does either. When people can move about, and free trade exists, people flourish. In the over 200 instances a group or culture has physically built a wall, the exclusionary practices led to stagnation and ruin. Not casting any dispersions here but a politician that claims a victory in battle was a result of their personal intervention usually was never there. There will be many who will be angered by what Katie and I write about the Voynich Manuscript and will attempt to prove they were first. All those who rule by force lose, but rule with your heart and the masses will follow. Humans have been on earth for 5 million years, so who among you before that? Would that make your ancestors a monkey’s uncle?

Photo by Ishara Kasthuriarachchi on Pexels.com

Great, Great, Great Grandpa Pan thinking a thought

Quantum entanglement is the latest science news. It is a physical phenomenon that occurs when a group of particles are generated, and share, some physical connection can be measured even when separated by a large distance. However, this behavior gives rise to seemingly paradoxical effects: any measurement of a particle’s properties are irreversible facts. In modern physics, the double-slit experiment is a demonstration of this light versus matter paradox where a fundamental packet, from Higgs Field Theory, can display characteristics of both.

In the basic version of this experiment, any light source that illuminates something with two parallel slits creates a curious conundrum. As the light passes through the slits the only fact that determines whether it becomes something physical is whether it is observed on its way to a screen beyond the two slits. And that the observer becomes apart of the equation.

Now, you theologians, and pardon the paraphrasing, will remember that: In the beginning a great spirit created the heavens and the earth and that the universe was formless and empty, and this great spirit said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. And the spirit saw that the light was good, and separated the light from the Physical.

So, the question becomes: “Who gave the universe the original first thought, that intellectual spark from which all things flow?” Well now, it couldn’t have been Great Great Great Grandpa Pan … or … could it?

Solving the Voynich requires a Macro vrs. Micro approach. To truly understand the breadth of the language and the math we had to look at the whole of it. I am sure that on a Micro level there will be some irregularities that any theologian can and will dispute. Though, the Macro of what we have uncovered is what truly matters not theological semantics.

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