Translations Folio 38r-39v: Sri Lanka

Captain’s Blog 6/20/2022

Recap of previous Folio 37, the map system was above the Maldives in the Arabian Sea. The following folios and translations is a continuation of the Monsoon Drift gyre heading into Sumatra. Keep in mind that the authors are expressing how they drew the maps and what they represent. Each folio is uniquely different with varying authors and varying Earth Science. It is also important to note that the maps in this particular blog post enter back into publicly known regions depicted in the Catalan Atlas. As the Catalan Atlas is the key to the Voynich Manuscript the following Folio’s do make references to the Atlas. For further translations of the Catalan Atlas:

Folio 38r: Lakshadweep Island System Notes: the stems are indicating to go directly South, the root system is red on one side (west). Red depicts a warning. Going west of the current would push a boat back into Africa.

Working Translation F38r: The sea routes, the authors encloses the atmospheric vorticity mark. The set theories in which the atmospheric vorticity new way pointer should have the ability and should go. It should go the bottom surface run-in. I am hoping it discharges, it should go and is instrumental. The authors shocking turbulence passes through and out. The descending out regards the sum of the measurement sequence. I am producing by means of the wind, slippery area out. Go, there is a removed measurement that scrapes the authors wind measurement.

Folio 38v Northeast Monsoon Drift (Southern most tip of India)
Notes: There are a couple of Easter Egg’s on this page.
Easter Egg #1: Second to last word on the page “uvei” meaning cowls, in nautical terms this means the ship’s ventilator with a bell-shaped top which can be swiveled to catch the wind and force it below (as drawn by the flower); it also means a hood that covers the majority of the head. In looking at the Catalan Atlas this region of India is not depicted, it literally cuts of the head of India.
Easter Egg #2: The word cordyline fruticosa as depicted in the leaves has a lot of folklore. In island cultures the cordyline is associated with blood and warfare over land ownership and signify those who have died in battle. This is an underlined theme throughout the Voynich. In some Pacific islands, like Hawaii this plant is used as a skirt.

Working Translation of 38v: Defend time like a veil, otherwise it leaves the rhumb. The wind measurement rotation via the bearing there are the rhumb time, use, by al means, the person the calculates. Detaining the knot measurement the even knot measurement is eastern measurement rhumb, puts for the measurement. The monster waves wheels and gathers atmospheric vorticity and reverberates. You must stop the measurement of times sequence of time. The actual secant arc increases and ventures. There is a seventh bearing and links the sum of the measurement sunlight zone. The measurement has a descending are successive measurement are synchronizing, its rotation cowls outside.

Folio 39r: Sri Lanka Monsoon Storms:
Note: Folio 39r and 39v are descriptions of meteorological events around Sri Lanka. During this season, periodic squalls occur and sometimes tropical cyclones bring overcast skies and rains to the southwest, northeast, and eastern parts of the island. During the third season, December to March, monsoon winds come from the northeast, bringing moisture from the Bay of Bengal.

Working Translation of Folio 39r:
Reader (instrument) tips over. It is a wiser way pressure/water assists, weeps and howls. The ways dimension isthmus graph distance is getting a shaft of light further over there in the outward vertical asymptote. Use the eastward, it promises to equal to the aerial observation. The knowledge is expressed and services your jetty, that is a confirmed beginning after maintaining position. The horizontal lines use a forefather lead (Catalan Atlas use line,) a subscription of time earlier For this reason, the outcome gooses (whirlwinds around) our bearings and moves very fast. Use the smallest unit.

Stop! View the lead entry mark, it pulls apart. The passable representative example that is the boarders of the known world is fixed vector=a. Moves very fast, use its heading, the seasonal ebb and flow use the outing. Confirms the beginning night axis. The earlier unprocessed horizontal lines mark as you get prepared the drawn published narrow passage is the space out at evening. The horizontal line mark and consume as you get vector sum = m = (a1 + b1, a2 + b2) = (mx, my)

Incite the marks beginning unprocessed towards the distance and bearings. The narrow passages founder with a seer average rate of change beginning unprocessed. It goes hidden. Use the tow and the true sense of the words etymology “volcanic lava”. Yield confirmed unprocessed out. The proposition I am wobbling the canonical hour and unprocessed atmospheric vorticity, the canonical hour unprocessed grids is able to, of our way, get a wind tower. (Archimedean Screw Turbine.) It has twisted knocked down and forced out the space measurement. Declarations, it is important to know as you go the measurement lead, the bottom measurement remove. Use the jet stream counter as you go the yield measurement confirms and tracks the beginning, it ventures unprocessed. Ambient sound for it is unusual and wide, you are projecting out, secure the rear.

Folio 39v: Sri Lanka Estuaries. Estuaries are coastal bodies of water where ocean salt water tides merge with fresh water from rivers. It results in a brackish water zone ocean inlet fed by fresh water.

Working Translation of 39v
Prime Meridian * Eastward use line of the major harbor of the edge of the known world, the earlier margin travels reeling in motion. The earlier unprocessed seen distance observation of a secant arc, it is necessary that I bestow up you the velocity of an orifice rocks time. You must stop, it pulls to pieces and commands surely. Use the erosion it ongone the measurement of God’s secant arc. The measurement wind towards, it is promised, is held back. The space earlier is unprocessed, you will get, I had been able to. The published goes and fighting against and ventures the orifice plates natural state. The information employs by stirring up. They are getting a set up of space average time vector mark splits earlier, it is a written account of the lateral projection forward. The earlier unprocessed, I am hoping it yields, in order to infect it is going throughout the point. You are moving forward, continue the lines in the water. The water is tenacious. The authors out spirit level earlier gooses and breaks in the wind.

The opening mark, gets a Y shape. The Earth is going, I am producing the earlier discharge natural state, the true sense of the words meaning confirms the (astrology symbol) sacrificial bull. The observations out are able to confirm the unprocessed information. The unprocessed grids beginning in the orifice plate is a disturbance and breaks wind. Yield the variation secant arc across the earlier, it confirms the beginning as it goes and towers early, that’s a run-in. To a great extant, get moving the beginning fault, take notice, it covered the gilded lead. Avoid as it gets momentum, it stirs up the out, it determines the secant arc. The head is a source of advice, remove from what I am producing. The estuaries vault the zone, having used it has been forced out annually. The rights, I am hoping it produces the sum as it goes to restrain. I am hoping it produces momentum.

Voynicheese to Latin Characters:

leier ue ula || eta uem etvei eia eta
etvia uesar || alem elom elom ulor
jeter etom || elom jetuei ue teter
aue t uia uut || ua ute re som som ra
etor uia tom || uer ule son uteisa
ave ve ter || som etea ue uer som

etuep uei velei eliei etyor || uer soms
uom via tia ve em r uei isa || etiom eteh
jotya tier som etia tya som || soir som r
etya som jetya uelia lesa || eta oms
jela som uei elyei sesa || uies uesa
ve tiya tia lia som som || son son
som jei ua son rer som || son soisa
eom uor uvei uetom

liseuvs upiepa uson via pvasa eron uypom epa via toiasa
eiuia uita jetisa vitvia jeion uut va usa soir vutia seis
jetoiusa uitom uiuta sorvis jetysor yisa sor or uya souta
luisa usa eiom uisa vutsua uei er ersa uyr oia etoiuis
susa usa atom
pusom visoh jepuisa vis tusa sasa epuitom ve utia vsoiera
susor usa ueioi jetisor usa uutsa sor or oi asa yir om
luisa visa jetom utya puisa etoh uupa rom uuta soireh
luisa vei esoi jetom vsom
pusor visa or om eton atieir jeutsa iom vata
svsa or om a ater usa atoi eitom jetoisor uiei sor om
leius om uuta dom eier uir om eta uir om soi
aler usor via jetom uer tor vieitisa elisalisa rom
som vuta uiti ei som uisa atya som eloi usoh jetoh
jeiton ei uiei som sor eisis or osor om epui por
eliei ueitoi jetoi sor atsa

psoir usa psaton er oir viatom epuator er om seita evsa
der va tor uei jela tusa eita sor usa ator eiti som esa sa
som uer eton etoy puesa rom er om jetom alesom etoh
a etya uesa uier om etesa uesoi atisa jetisa soie rom vta
alisa ter er vita ton elor er om etom utei eiter eler epua
itisa etuia ver jea toh ue ut upia er oia vesa
porsa visa jetor uysa eroia || eior etor or
eitor om eitom eita sor ois || vit uit jetu sor om
lor om soi or on uier asoh || vesa etoi vsa tva er
sor or a tor er ata usa puer || jeton or vysa eiup
dorei uisa vitoh jetor ui || atysa uuta soier sa
pom oiom eloi us etor oh || etor uiesoi euta
son eutisa elisa etisa || iusa etom som a
lorom etom ueiesa

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