F 49v:California Current & Counter Current

Captains Blog 2/14/2023 Happy Galentines Day!

Folio 49v of MS 408 (Voynich Manuscript) is a map of the California Current and Counter Current from Puget Sound, Washington to Mexico. In the translation the authors refer to this region as “Newtlandia (or) The Land of Newts.” During this time period they thought that newts could live in fire. Today, the Land of Newts is referred to as the “Ring of Fire” due to the vast amounts of volcanic activity.

The characters on the left side of this folio read “peraie trp erai er p erai esai ta” meaning: the territory tangent radius theorem has a former prime, it has a difficult tangent. The statement of the Tangents Secant Segments Theorem is: If a tangent and a secant are drawn from a common point outside the circle, then a2=b(b+c). Theorem 2: If two tangents are drawn from an external point of the circle, then they are of equal lengths. The results of the calculations is the Pacific North – the images below.

DATA: Location: Pacific Northwest, USA; Geolocation: 46.19°N/130.0°W Ocean Currents: California Currents

Line length marks the upper 2, stupefies the divider instruments that is East. Uniformed forefront enclosure weaves the compass point maximum amplitude of the lateral motion. The authors sacred cubit grids mark the extraction, stopping time. The divider forced-oscillation uninformed citation, drawn limited-congealing the stake measurement observation. The Force rivals the force-length velocity.

The degree hills the measurement and declared confirmed. Join the fixed measurement fluid. Newtlandia, the borders of the known world, measurement area covered the obtainability ejects the secant arc, it will be going and overpowering time measurement.

Low whistling sound of wind mark region is sounding grid. Uninformed siege engine joined the authors hill measurement. The force-oscillation length of time is the narrow depression between the waves. Separate alee, widespread navigation grid of the canal, you will separate the beginning like a siege engine. To a great extent the information is the stakes concealed.

Dividers yield the mathematical completion, the authors power fixed fittingly ventures ejecting the line in the water orifice plate undercurrent (California Undercurrent). The wind measurement secant arc measurement cover the distance of traveling, it is the descending measurement of time change secant line. The force-oscillation I am getting a contending wind rotation length of the wave area. The authors set of values outside the authors endeavor fill in the measurement property secant arc, completing the secant arc outside the radius. The authors reduced level zero journey, see the radius inactive stake multiplied by the pass through. The authors radius is a false positive wind grid change in direction and speed. Time wind is truth. The boundary slope, the authors tiled outward odd, you are activating the radius from the measurement.

Voynicheese to Latin Characters:
Lver vei upe tuei uupia 
Jelua jetues ve uta 
Uelua uula ula tessa
Erie sve ue lvei soh
Vei vesom jeluor
Jelua uetua ueta
Uelua uesom sok
Jelyir uie som sei
Peuer vyes lviesi
Jre tue som vuta sor
Suei ulei som ueta 
Euetya utia som son uotoh
Jetiei uetye sa elei tuer uei som
Pue uer vei lieu epuiesoi sura || uel ua
Sue suei ue tue som uetua lieu || etue tei
Lue luia ue tye soi ruya elues or || sue sueh
Veue eom vie uela
Jelue uiei ueid ue uulia suiei || ueluesa
Uetie ve uier uietuil uer som sa || som jets 
eom ua som uei uom tversa || uetua
Jetiom uie uer uelya luiei son || ue soirn
Uetom ue sir uorm som uon sa || uilue sa
Eom uita r ue ruryra tuer rei || uule r
Jel uie i uia ue r uetoia uer soi || uom s
Uei uer uir utoiua ue tyela || ureter od
Atuetie r uya som

One thought on “F 49v:California Current & Counter Current

  1. Little off topic. “Galentine’s”. Due to the alleged medicinal abilities and surgical abilities of a certain medieval Gnostic group, I’ve been wondering for a long time if there’s a connection between Galen and Valentine. Essentially doing the same pronunciation as you in my head. Valen/Galen. The only difference between many modern surgical tools and ancient Roman is age and metal of manufacture. I’ve been wondering about these surgical tools and the Antikythera Mechanism in medieval hands. The torture rack is essentially a traction machine. Made that association after I was strapped to one during five years of physical therapy. This got me to really thinking about the Knights Hospitalar. Nothing else to do but lay there and think about different stuff while being pulled apart.


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