Templar Characteristics

Monday Nov. 16th, 2020:

Katie’s Log (KMT): In doing research on the ancient use of the astrolabe dad mentioned an old manuscript from 1420 that might describe how it works but is not in a translatable known language.  Thought maybe I should look at it and if my Opera skills in translating scripts could gleam some light.  Dad will email a copy but we are skeptical.  We know most languages from that time period so my thought before seeing it was that it was mathematical in nature and a number system.

After looking at the Voynich Manuscript I noticed that the pictures look very Druidian and similar to celtaic female energy and power. Is this a Templar Grimoire? Curious how the circular stairs are descending from the castle, a very templar architectural practice – are they underground tunnels?  Is the manuscript female templar ascension rituals and how to perform them? If this is a Templar Grimoire the author was at this time period possibly a Tudor with Spanish descent. Lancaster? 

Who wrote the manuscript?  

Templar Characteristics:

  • Commissioned and given the Templar Royal Symbol
  • Exceptionally wealthy
  • Member of the Scottish/English Royal family with heritage from Spain/Catalonia/Portugal
  • Educated in Templar School of Thought
    • Sciences: 
      • physics, astronomy, astrology, chemistry, botany, medicine
      • Economics and Sociology
      • Mathematics, spatial geometry, abstract concepts
      • Engineering, civil and land
    • Languages: Old English, Celtic, Spanish, Catalonian, Portugese, Middle High German, Arabic, Turkic, Byzantine Greek, and Latin.
    • Technology: astralable, kalendorius, wand, abacus, geostrategy, and navigation.
    • Arts: Cartography, music, painting
    • Philosophy: Greek Mythology, Socrotise, Aristotle, Ottoman Empire/Persian

Researched Tudor Queens during 1420. Isabella of Castile, Queen of Spain, fits the templar description. Tried analyzing handwriting from letters posted online. Letters are fuzzy but handwriting looks similar to the manuscript.  Author was either Isabella or educated in the same school.  In looking at paintings of Isabella she bears the templar royal symbol. But, was she old enough to know all of these things?

Just spoke to dad.  Told him my analysis. He thinks it isn’t Isabella but her mother Phillipa of Lancaster, Queen of Portugal. I can’t find any correspondence letters in Phillipa’s handwriting. She does not bear the royal templar symbol but all of her children do.  She died in 1415 which is five years before the carbon dating of the manuscript. 

Dr. Wayne Tucker Log (Dr.WRT):

After working on a translation of the Voynich Manuscript for more than 10 years I quietly decided to pursue other more profitable academic interests. Then, on Monday, November 16, 2020 I sent my daughter, Katie May, a digital copy of the manuscript explaining how it had been found, by whom, when, and where. After giving the laundry list of other people’s failed attempts to translate it Katie figured she would open the massive document. When she did it took her only five minutes to figure out that it was connected to the Templars. Her intuition appears correct.

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