Catalan Atlas a Voynich Manuscript Connection?

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Dad remembered an old map he saw when he worked at the Map Library for the University of Oregon. The Catalan Atlas of 1375.  In analyzing the Atlas I believe that the first two panels with text, the string calculator and astalable are similar to the images in the manuscript and may have a connection.  The Catalan Atlas is the first map to ever use the Rose Compass. 

Dad pointed out the women in the Atlas around the astalable. We both agreed that it was similar to the women in the manuscript. Though, the manuscript was drawn crudely and not as refined. I analyzed the women in the water, they have crowns. Are they representations of queens? Countries? Religions? Do the women in the water represent people in a certain region and how many there would be?  Where in a castle you could possibly find a certain person or group of people?

Reached out to Harvard University that has a correspondence letter by Isabella of Castile. Due to COIVID library restrictions I will not be able to view the letter in person and the wait time to get a pdf is VERY long. Will need to move on.

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