Voynich Manuscript Plants are Maps

Thursday, November 19,2020

Analyzed the flowers in the manuscript. They are not flowers. They are not flowers at all.  The reason no botanist could identify the plants is because they are not plants at all, some of them are the rose compass. Some resemble pathways or castle maps or city maps.  Are these coordinates to specific locations?

Friday, November 20, 2020

We need a full print out of the Catalan Atlas.  Dad is creating a workbook of highly detailed atlas in book form. He recognizes a calculator on the Atlas as something his grandfather (James McLellan Partridge, a Templar) would use as a surveyor, he will try to find it if he still has it. Dad does not know of any surveyors that use that way of calculating.

Saturday, November 21, 2020

Dad believes the manuscript may be all numbers. In looking at the Atlas there are symbols in the astrolabe that are on the manuscript. Could the numbers be coordinates or a clue to a number coded system?

In doing research on the history of numbers and how they were created over time. Arabic numbers and Latin numbers seem to be present in the manuscript. The manuscript seems to be switching between different known number systems but it doesn’t have a consistent pattern.

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