Voynich Language in 30% of all languages

Thursday, December 3rd, 2020

After a week-long adventure in trying to translate the first page we have decided to pause the translation for now as it appears to be a clever mirage in languages.  Perhaps a templar alchemist’s code language? One day it looks like Latin, the next Spanish, on one page even English words appear. It’s enough to make one insane.  Dad programmed Gunter (his big brain computer) to run an algorithm on the language in the manuscript and see what percentage of words appear in a certain language.  All languages, even Mayan, are present in the manuscript by 30%. This means that if you can not translate over this mark the translation is meaningless.

The images on each page are reminiscent of an alchemist’s journal that had extreme knowledge in land surveying, navigation, zodiak, chemistry, cartography. We are going to go through each page one by one and label and describe the mathematics of each symbol present. There is a zodiac wheel that has the Voynich Manuscript alphabet in it on page 115 (57v), maybe it’s the decoder? The zodiac wheel can be used to produce the planet’s orbital cycles and the lunar eclipses and conjunctions. There are hundreds of uses for it and could be the astrolabe. 

We were researching zodiac signs for the wheel present on page 115 and discovered that alchemist’s of the time period had what they call the “Zodiac Man.”  The zodiac man is on the first panel in the Catalan Atlas.  Maybe this man can gleam light into the wheel and the mathematics of the manuscript.  

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