Medieval Mariners Terms

Friday, December 4th, 2020

Dad and I have been looking at page 115 (57v). It’s like the writer of the Voynich manuscript is laughing at us at every turn and I don’t think it’s funny. It’s math and medieval mariners compass terms. It’s math before Newton invented calculus and navigation before GPS. We can match the Latin and Greek mariners terms for each angle on page 115. But, I really need a mariners dictionary of terms to truly translate the manuscript and start building the alphabet from this page. My god! Where does one find that?

The word for South on page 115 is “8a𑃲.”  Dad remembers seeing this term in some very old maps possibly from Switzerland. Switzerland maps as Dad says is “as magnificent as the mountains themselves.”  In looking at the Roman words for Compass directions I recognize some of the words in the Voynich Manuscript. Appears is the right word as I feel it’s a mariners illusion. They would’ve needed to know languages of the regions they sailed to for trading purposes so it all looks familiar but is an illusion of what it really is.  The root of the languages used could be Latin, Sanskrit, Arabic, and numbers from each of these languages?

The history of numbers is very interesting, a 4 in one language could be a 5 in another and so on. And depending on the time period the characters for numbers in a specific language would change.  Every region had its own version. I literally have an entire book shelf of the history of numbers alone. Tracking down a subset is a rabbit hole. Just like a good Templar to create a maze of rabbit holes. I hate it!

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