Unknown Contact Language

Sunday, December 6th, 2020

In 1170 Old English changed during the Nordic Conquest to include Anglo-Norman.  English was not solidified until Shakespeare in 1600. And Modern French wasn’t created until 1536.  So at the time that the manuscript was written language was shifting and changing with every government takeover.  We are seeing words from Anglo-Norman, Old English, Porteguese and Latin. What this could mean is that this is a hybrid version of all four. 

On page 70-74 there are Kalendorius Wheels. In the center of these wheels there are names of the month it refers to.  The handwriting is not the same as the rest of the manuscript and I suspect it was written after the manuscript was created. The language of these months is anglo-norman not in voynich. The Catalan Atlas was found in the French library in 1380.

In the Catalan Map the royalty holding a golden disk could possibly be the astrolabe. It was known as their source of wealth. So they were marking who could travel and trade.

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