Voynich Manuscript a Mariners Manuel

Monday, December 7th, 2020

Roman Llull was very important to the school of thought of the medieval times, he thought it was vital to merge the three major religions of the world together. He did this by bringing the astrolabe to Europe from Persia.  He was the first to write literature works in Catalan. We believe that given the time he was alive, 12th century, that he didn’t write the Voynich manuscript but his work however influenced it.

Llull served as tutor to James II of Aragon, and later became seneschal (the administrative head of the royal household) to the future King James II of Majorca, a relative of his wife. King James II wife…Isabella of Castille! Lancaster in the house.

Astrolabes have thousands of uses, thousands, and to work it you had to study for many years. It would take a good 10 years or more as a ship captain’s apprentice to be educated enough to understand the astrolabe. We are trying to research these uses to see what use the voynich manuscript was written for. I suspect the volvette. At the time the manuscript was written they used manuscripts as a working tool.

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