The Type of Person that could create the Voynich

Monday, December 14th, 2020

We are discovering things so quickly now that I fear I may be leaving out important things in the journal. Every answer opens 10 questions. And we have so many questions. 

Page 57v is a very important page. The characters shown are all arabic numbers and very common of the time to use in an astrolabe. This type of astrolabe is called a transit.

The type of person that would know of such things had to be educated with at least 20-30 years experience in Engineering, Navigation, Construction, Mathematics, Physics, Literature, Languages, Cartography. The person who created this was so smart we are struggling to keep up with the 650 year old.  The best of the best.  We are leaning towards Filippo Brunelleschi, his mirror imaging perspective drawings gave rising to modern science. In looking at his architectural drawings and manuscript the doodles and handwriting are very similar to that in the manuscript. 

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