Prince Henry the Navigator connected to the Voynich?

January 2nd, 2021

Going over dad’s analysis of the stars in the Voynich Manuscript form Dec 9th and our recent research on the discovery of the Isle of Madeira we are leaning closer and closer to this location in the Voynich Manuscript and putting Jerusalem aside for now. 

Prime Meridian is a set point for map makers to start at a 0 mark. In reading history reports of these lines it dates the Isle of Madeira as the first Prime Meridian by 1506 AD – but evidence from the Voynich Manuscript and the Catalan Atlas place the Prime Meridian through this Island closer to the 1420’s. Because the island wasn’t discovered until 1417 but is visible on the Catalan Atlas.  Is the date of the atlas has been falsely identified? Thus making the connection between the Catalan Atlas and the Voynich Manuscript even stronger. 

Another interesting nugget of information in the Catalan Atlas is that it has a base meridian line going through the bottom half of the map through Egypt. Dad suggested this meant that the Catalan Map was made prior to the discovery of the Cape of Good Hope in 1488. Prior to the discovery of the Cape they thought the sea was so hot in Africa it boiled. 

Prince Henry the Navigator is our key suspect at the moment. He developed the understanding of sailing and returning from the North Atlantic trade winds and oceanic wind patterns. Which is indicative to our findings yesterday. There are rumors that the prince started a cartography navigation school and dad and I plan to try and track down any books the school would’ve had or gather any school of thought that we can glean. If the Voynich is a Rutter out of this school we’ll need to know everything they knew.

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