Isle of Madeira and the Canary Current

January 5, 2021

We have been making major discoveries in the past few days. 

We have starred at page 115 more times than I can count and the only way to translate it accurately is to know with certainty which way is North. I’ve often realized that the index line on page 115 and the Rose compass on page 16 were pointing in the same direction. What at that time is important to orient yourself in that direction. As we learned the Prime Meridian was made the Isle of Madeira and the answer came to me. I called dad and told him to look at page 16 as if you were standing on the Island of Madeira and told him “when he sees what I see to call me back.”

It didn’t take him long to call me back and send me a chart of something even more ground breaking. Page 16 is in fact the Isle of Madeira, the stem is the split ocean stream called Canary Current that flows out of the island into Brazil or Africa. I’m guessing but this is why they wanted the Prime Meridian to be the Island of Madeira because everything they did (“the illustrious generation”) came in and out of that port.

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