Guanche People from Isla de Meridiano

January 7th, 2021

Wanted to know more about the Isla de Meridiano on pg 16 and examined the Catalan Atlas in this area for more clues. And there is a strange little island in the Catalan Atlas that looks identical to the leaf in the Voynich Manuscript on pg 18 – the Isla de Meridiano. 

The Guanche people lived on the Isla de Meridiano for millenia. Romans knew of the island and the Moors but no one beside the Guanche people ever settled there. Guanche was a beautiful culture rich in rock art, agriculture and jewelry and is indicative of Persian mathematics. Though sadly around the time of the manuscript the Protugese would enslave and kill most to all Guanche people. They were so beautiful it breaks my heart to type this. Their language is reduced to mere phrases today and their rock art only lives as a ghostly whisper of an ancient peaceful people. 

In examining the artwork of the Guanche people it looked very familiar to something in the Voynich Manuscript. Pages 128-130 have the ladies in barrels, on these barrels are markings that of Guanche language and art. There is no way to uncover what it truly means as this is probably the last and only written recording of those people. But note that Guanche language and symbols are only used during the months of March and April. No other mention of these symbols are anywhere else in the manuscript.

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