Christopher Columbus is a Pirate, Fraud and Murderer

January 8th, 2021

What we now know about the Voynich makes it appear to be Christopher Columbus’ rutter from 1492. I thought to read his published journal from the voyage to see if it lines up. After reading Christopher Columbus’ journal I don’t know why anyone would believe anything in it. It does not take a seasoned mariner to know there’s a lot of bullshit in it. A LOT!  There is no way that meeting the people of the Bahamas for the first time Columbus would have been able to engage in a conversation about finding gold. He acted way too oblivious and lost for a seasoned mariner. 

I watched a documentary regarding evidence that Templars were digging tunnels in Brazil before 1492 – perhaps dating back to the 12th century. Not a lot of good substantial evidence in the documentary but a good head scratch. 

Watched a documentary about Christopher Columbus on youtube that follows his journey. The take aways:

  • Christopher Columbus planted 39 crosses (why would you have 39 crosses if you thought you were going to India?) 
    • In the center of the Columbus Cross is a symbol that is the leaf pattern on the Voynich Manuscript pg 31. It is the Templar Quarterfoil Cross (used as the US Marine Corp since 1859) 
    • Wikipedia states about the Quarterfoil
      “In ancient Mesoamerica, the quatrefoil is frequently portrayed on Olmec and Mayan monuments, such as at La Blanca, Guatemala where it dates to approximately 850 BC. The quatrefoil depicts the opening of the cosmic central axis at the crossroads of the four cardinal directions, representing the passageway between the celestial and the underworld.[6]

Another early example of a quatrefoil is found at Chalcatzingo, Morelos state, Mexico, the city that flourished between 700 BCE and 500 BCE. Both a full quatrefoil, and a partial portrayal of quatrefoil are found on monuments here. In the latter case, one half of a quatrefoil represents the opening of a cave where an important personage is seated. This cave opening represents a water source.
Thus, quatrefoil seems to be associated with water rituals. The associated imagery is related to agricultural fertility and the arrival of rain,] as evidenced by the rain-bearing clouds above the quatrefoil portal.”

  • Carbon Dates on page 31of Voynich suggest a date of 1440. 
  • The Pinzons seem to be key to the entire voyage yet take no claim to their victory, why? Queen Isabelle of Castile had to convince the Pinzon’s to do the voyage in a secret meeting.  During the voyage the Pinzon’s took off without Christopher Columbus for weeks. They come back mysteriously with a boat load full of gold and then went straight back to Europe. Did Queen Isabelle tell the Pinzons where the Templar tunnels of gold are in Brazil?
  • In the documentary modern day mariners tried to follow Christopher Columbus’ instructions on how he got to certain islands. His instructions were so false they couldn’t even follow it. Is the Voynich Manuscript the real voyage and rutter?

January 9th, 2021

Had dad look into the carbon date of the manuscript. If this is in fact Columbus’ real rutter, it will be the only rutter ever found. But, the question is Columbus’ historic voyage and the manuscript carbon dates don’t match. Language lies, math doesn’t. Dad confirmed the carbon dating on the manuscript is legitimate and very accurate. Which means Christopher Columbus is a lie, he was not the first person to sail to America, and the Voynich Manuscript is the proof. 

Even found out that Christopher Columbus isn’t even his real name. Looking up the word Columbus in Latin it means dove, in English it means colony. So either this is a pseudonym for “The Dove of Christ” or “The Colony of Christ” or perhaps “Corpus Christi” – the feast of christ. 

Google confirmed that Columbus’ lie was confirmed three years ago in 2017. Which is why they stripped his name from the holiday and changed it to indigenous peoples day. Not only was Columbus a (worst word one can’t say in polite company) he was a lie. He was so bad that on his last voyage he failed so miserably that he was hailed back to Portugal in chains, stripped of his titles and money.  I think we need to strike him forever in our history books!

One thought on “Christopher Columbus is a Pirate, Fraud and Murderer

  1. Columbus had a copy of the Inventio Fortunata. I’ve only said this to two other people, there may have been Crusader States in the Americas before Columbus. The only source I can find for this is pseudoscience from France. Eugene Beauvais. Unfortunately my French is no bueno. It’s been too many years since studying in high school. There’s much more to this but I don’t want to write a book here.


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