Voynich Naked Ladies are Ship Figureheads

January 13th, 2021

Dad is finding abundant evidence of the floating islands in the Argentine area in the manuscript. Which would mean this may be the only living record of its existence before human pollution changed its habitat. 

I also had an epiphany today about the naked ladies in the Voynich manuscript. They are boat figureheads called “Our Lady, Star of the Sea” and in medieval times was Mother Mary or Stella Maris, which was a name they used for Polaris.  In the calendar months in the Voynich Manuscript the naked ladies are in fact ships and some are holding a star flower (Polaris/North Star) and give the direction Polaris is in relation to the Bow of the ship.

A song by Benjamin Britten in honor of “Our Lady, Star of the Sea” called A Hymn to the Virgin Mary. 

“Of one who is so fair and bright

Velut maris stella,   [Like a star of the sea]

Brighter than the day is light,

Parens et puella:   [Both mother and maiden]

I cry to thee, thou see to me,

Lady, pray thy Son for me,

Tam pia,   [so pure]

That I may come to thee.

Maria!   [Mary]

All this world was forlorn,

Eva peccatrice,   [because of Eve, a sinner]

Till our Lord was yborn,

De te genetrice.   [through you, his mother]

With ave it went away,

Darkest night, and comes the day

Salutis;   [of salvation]

The well springeth out of thee.

Virtutis.   [of virtue]

Lady, flower of everything,

Rosa sine spina,   [Rose without thorn]

Thou bare Jesu, heaven’s king,

Gratia divina:   [by divine grace]

Of all thou bearest the prize,

Lady, queen of paradise

Electa:   [chosen]

Maid mild, mother

es effecta.   [you are made]

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