Phase IV of Translation Study Results

April 19, 2021

Methods for Deciphering and Translating the Voynich Manuscript. We are using the Blind Test Method to eliminate bias. During Phase I no research was done from outside sources to keep a fresh eye on observations. Phase II Blind Test was to conduct research based on Phase I observations only without outside influence. Phase III Blind Test was to keep the mathematicians and linguists suppurate from findings and not to reveal any results until the phase was complete. Phase IV Blind Test was to not disclose that online posts where to test positive or negative results among Voynich researchers.

Phase I: statistical analysis of all known and published key to the cipher. Ran testing on all known published languages. Results – Any key could yield a 33% false positive result in any language. If the correct key was used translation must be over 33%.

Phase II: research historical events and reasons for the manuscript. Locate possible person who influenced the creation of the cipher. Results – Person who created the cipher located. Key to cipher discovered.

Phase III: With key from Phase II and research results narrow done origin of the Manuscript. Deciphered 10% of the manuscript (2,043 words), created a working Voynich Dictionary and narrowed down languages. Results –
Tier 1 Languages:
Language A: Alchemist terms: Earth, Air, Wind, Fire
Language B: Base language words
Language C: Terms represent: how one feels in a particular place
Tier 2 Languages:
Language D: Maritime and Division/Surveying
Language E: Mining
Language F: No Base Line (Contact language?)

Phase IV: Conducted a International Online Blind Test to those familiar with the Voynich and linguistics. Presented many different sentences from the Voynich to multiple audiences. Selected random words out of order from the Voynich while using the same sentence structure. Results – Tier 1: Language C confirmed gibberish. Tier 2: Language F identified. Retranslated the first page using Language A and B – presented the new translation to test group. No one protested language. Confirmed Language C as false positive language. Tier 2 Languages confirmed Schools of Thought and Contact language but not base language.

One thought on “Phase IV of Translation Study Results

  1. From the desk of Dr. Tucker; After ten years of research many things currently known about the VM were of any value. I was, at the time, intrigued by the thought that a statistical modelling might be beneficial in exposing the most likely alphabet from which to start. At the time there were seven major alphabets proposed with hundreds of minor variants. All variants tested proved inconclusive and none returned a T-test confidence level greater than 1/3. In the end I was convinced that the VM came from the hand of Leonardo de Vinci as he was known to use unusual fonts. And that’s where I left it ten years ago. My linear and parallel regressions told me the answer must lay along a different path. I first pointed out the “Double Blind” technique as knowledge of one area of research will bias the outcome in other areas. To use this “Double Blind” method was NOT my idea in this project, it was Katie’s. I was already aware of the “Double Blind” method and when I suggested that we use this standard terminology Katie embraced its use with great vigor and all our work is conducted as independent efforts, then double-checked and vetted for accuracy. Her confidence levels are ranging between the 90th and 95th quartile, an astonishing feat. When my geospatial information was juxtaposed to Katie’s linguistic endeavors the statistical confidence level measured in the 99th quartile. And folks, jus keep your quoting circles, it’s like reading the Sunday funny paper’s, just plain old fashioned good entertainment. Doc


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