Voynich Translation 1v: Oak Island


Tura veson  ei eiluia upor oh
The turning nature, you go to the islands mason stones. Zero

Alya uor     ereua         sue       itesa                   etesor uesa
unites the hour,  rising aloft like a siege engine, you are producing anemology venture

Seuta uteuta   va stvy    ula            teluesa soi
undertaking it’s said, velocity of an orifice plate is inflexible enclosure. Oblong grids

Sei        uetie son   soi  reuia uetesa

see the act of driving out the sunzone grid which is uncultivated. 

Pelea         vei son   upeoi  sor       uia   lesa       eleon   veva
A struggle, mark area North  confirms the passing through. Gather the moving waves. 

Veta       uei   uleivei otoi seiuia vesa iei     va ula
Beware, times cycle yields detached it’s continuous velocity of an orifice plate enclosure

Je   ei           ueir         uiei   sei  ulia     atei sei     seie atei sei    ua   sa
always, you go orifice plate wave, see favorably by seeing call by seeing our secant-arc

Eteivei    teitiua   ueita     uei    uleiuesa     vei   som
Sacred location is turbid weighing down time, the entire venture is risky. Mark sum

Ver             etei   uei seita sor       vei         suer e lue          
Lines in the current, time seen is confirmed, mark is reliable, you are separating,
sor        vesa
fortified by the break of wind. 

Loer ueluia soi vesa ruesa pei uesor
Secret opinion to cover the grids break in the wind. The streets are an isolated method.

Photo by Alex Tapia on Pexels.com

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