Translating the Voynich Manuscript

September 5th, 2021

This is – “it’s been a while sense I last posted to the blog” post.

We had a very rigorous schedule to post translations once a week. Our team made a discovery a few weeks ago that had to be vetted and researched extensively. With the discovery we are able to unlock the number system. Which is remarkable and has extreme historical ramifications. This made us shift our approach about posting on the blog. We are preparing a public announcement. We are close, I think maybe a few more weeks away from publishing the full results.

I am continuing to translate pages and I am constantly blown away with what it is. I often say to myself “Is the Voynich Manuscript the foundation that laid out Modern Society?” I just did an structural analysis on the VM and can tell you with great amazement that it was modeled after Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey: a precursor to Opera’s Gesamtkunstwerk (total and complete artwork.) The epic battle scene lay in the stars.

Photo by Michael Giugliano on

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