Important Sources in Researching the Voynich

The most important source that one should study very very closely to understanding the Voynich Manuscript (VM) is the Catalan Atlas, it’s symbology and the mirror images the VM uses within the plant systems and the kalendorium/star chart sections. It’s ground break invention and how the VM uses this invention in disguise.

The second greatest source is studying the history of the creation of numbers and how numbers are presented in different systems, it is important to note those type of systems that are used in the VM. Most important number systems to be aware of are geospatial markers in the plants, hand gestures by the ladies, and a mathematical system by the Guanche people in the Kalendorium/Volvelle section.

The third most important source to study is how Templars and others where able to cross the Atlantic long before Columbus. In these documents there are lies and truths, some lies are riddles (as I’ve noticed in the VM), some lies hide the real truth, (example is when the Catalan Atlas describes an island full of 10 foot cannibals’ when in fact it was a major resource in merchant trade and inhabited by friendly 5 foot tall islanders.)

I do a lot of research so I am sure to miss something but this list will get updated as research progresses. And of course one must study World History and it’s events before and after how it effected languages and most specifically English, Scottish(Galwegian), French/Norman, and Dutch(Old Frisian) and how they all formed Anglo-Norman. Anglo-Norman has been noted in Latin characters in the VM so saying that it’s in Anglo-Norman should be no surprise. Anglo-Norman was spoken by the Elite in England, Scotland and Ireland and was a significant contributor to Middle English; used in English law until c. 17th century along side: Latin, Middle English, and French.

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