Folio 13v – Theory of Ocean Currents

Captain’s Blog: October 9th, 2021

Context of this page is the theory of ocean currents. The trick to this page is understanding what an ocean current does in-between two ocean currents, it stops moving. The graphic (plant) is a depiction of two ocean streams and the text in-between the stems are separated from the other text, can be read away from the other lines or with them. They read “that the lines in the water stop, it is wise. We suckle a new eddy. Turbulence Law.”
(||) symbol indicates plant

Voynichees into Latin

teoir ulom elua tues elei elua euler
ete jetei uesoi iluei upei uela
jetua jetes ua elua ulesa
eir uia etor eon etva jeuta
jeta som

peisom eiupa veisa || ela ver jelas || sones
son etoi ua jetuera || sua tetasom || ven
elua som ason atei || etua eteis || salom
lules eloi uler aloi || aue loi || vejeula
aei ua tuia tuer soi

Translation into modern English

Theory of the Watercourse: the boundary stops going, boundary is malicious. Guidelines Jetty Discipline: herein on top is good fortune, a gateway juts you out, descending barricades choice. They go the main way bringing forth the divine spirit of God new way gulfs the run-in measurements.

Weigh anchor, take notice of tough mud, that is, the lines in the water stop. The geographic belt zones and the area produces away clock-wise. They suckle rubbish and barricades the measurement axis towards a new eddy. The motion of the sea restoration moves away fixed to higher turbulence law. It is dangerous and may lead to death, the watercourse descending origin stops the grids.

NOTES: Below Folio 13v measures the split between; the South Equatorial Current, Equatorial Counter Current and Benguela Current.

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