Folio 13r The Congo

Captains Blog: October 10th, 2021

Voynichees into Latin Characters

lerver epua veisa jepua vei epuer sapue suh
suei uei vtua asoi va atua jelza som ra
rasuer vom eyir ater uer alva latua sor
jesua alua euler

verese va lva tuei spuajepua eluei upeisa
luer ser som jeluei etua etuer em uuta s
sua jeta uei sa jetza seisa etuer seom
veua jetua lerua tuula r eluia som
eisa via uei som ateia etuoi soisa
relua tua eterera

Translated into Modern English

The sea breeze through out the point resides and enters the mark, whistles, and cuts south. Join time approximation and axoid (Folio 13r) velocity of an orifice implementation, it stops the measurement sequence. Scraping the surface the ocean air obscures the wind (a)length/velocity of an orifice and brings forth confirmed straight away (a) length descending cries out.

You hope it tell the truth, the velocity of an orifice length of the cord arc (2)two forcefully ejects out and separates from above. Recall the individual measurement, like a dam relative vorticity the oceanographer boundary out momentum, in that manner gets the time secant arc. You are getting a match. Oceanographer: frustration, the eyesight gates a lot. The tools radius separate the measurement. See the way, time measurement includes and they are confined to the setup. Re-read the approximation succession of the compass

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