Folio 8v: Praia Crater

Captain’s Blog: October 13th, 2021

While researching the Swift Tuttle Comet Collision for our book “Land of Pu, Volume 1”, the Tucker STEM Team discovered a massive crater around Cape Verde Islands. The commit was so large of an impact it created deep whirling sea waters 500 feet below sea level. Praia Crater named after the major city in Cape Verde has gone unnoticed until our teams discovery in 2020. Though the writers of the MS 408 may not have known why the waters danced and whirled about, they certainly knew that if you approached this region poorly it was almost certainly a path of destruction.

As the authors of the manuscript MS 408 write about the approach to Cape Verde islands it was very important to take what sailors call “a sounding”, or sea-level depth. As one approaches the islands the sea-level could be so shallow it could tear apart the hull.

Voynichees to Latin Characters

ules reeul || rei vei elei uei epuiom epasom rom
vuloi ror || uer || viom ver uatua elom ila
jesa uioira || uera || uior vei uom vom seior
svei vei || soi || uion ulor vioia som uora
uei uei sor || eluer glom ulei sor
som ulok || alua uia tom son or
ve tuei || sor via ulor uelon ra
et uei tv || uei uei uei ulom son
uei erui || uetua uei uler uom
ruorua || euresa tuia pua uporeh

puor ue rei soi || vior uuelom uoi som
tuer eluor eta || ueton tieta elerua rolor
ver etei ietom || vei tei tei vor ulya lua utoh
er uei uon uita || uer uiom uor uyta uer ra
uer uier uior || elya suer uesya ue rom
son vior som

Translation into Modern English

A preference, unwind the journey’s approach, it will be going. Time the whistles reverberating space. Foolish to helm, the wind course lines in the water phantoms, should go hurried. I am guessing, to defend the direction of the wind the circumference mark changing direction residual leads the (sailing) mark rounding. The mark grids the force; the bottom surface direction measurement canonical hour time. Time; confirm the separation attach the entirety/whole unit, confirm. The measurement flat turn (a)length/descending the pass through. Overcome the areas beginning. Oversee the two. Study the way, the bottom surface we are seeing the sequence plus time acceleration three(*)time = watercourse area. Time throws off, be aware time is fixed to rotation moving quickly, the tides beginning scrapes the higher position raise.

Pure/true, the authors journey grids are capable to cover the path measurement. Be on guard, I am separating the atmospheric vorticity. Forbidden to talk about the movement and roll, the lines in the water whirlpools its breath. Mark is separate. Look carefully towards the rock, shelter from the wind outside the earlier time, opportunity to out the wind. Noise, the tide is heavy. The wind sequence; wind velocity of an orifice circumference 69cm approx. equals remains the authors space area active measurement.

Praia Crater: “Land of Pu, Volume 1” by Dr. Wayne R. Tucker and Katie May Tucker

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