Folio 9r-9v: Bay of Cape Verde

Captain’s Blog: October 13th, 2021

The Voynich Manuscript Folio 9r-9v have a mapped position of the Bay of Cape Verde. This bay is very windy, which is an understatement. The hot windy Trade Winds make getting in and out of Cape Verde a complicated task even today. The most import word within this page is vasoi, a Latin derived word with the English suffix meaning containment: an inclusion and mapping of a domains subset of data. This word sums up the way data is presented in MS 408. Each folio is a subset fractals of information, you have to look at the whole of the entire document to understand the solution.

Folio 9r
Voynichees to Latin Characters

lasie ueia uler eruia r va esom rora || ver ula
eatya uei atom eluesa leiela etem sa || er uom
lem upa jeles elom ela eter uia || ules roh
ava uetue uules ver vom elor ser || alei soala
som uer rer ula uetem vei sveisa || eluei elsa

pveom uleom etoyr upeseroi vor ra || vasoi usa
er uei ua lua luei aler jelei uala || uesor om
jelue jetua ulia terom etons soi || r || eive ula
eueula ue ula uesatua rom sua || som
aluor erom uter

Gather together, the momentum settles a hurried rhumb, the velocity of an orifice consumes the lines in the water station. You all will move forward, time the smallest unit, it can separate your bearings locality secant arc. The former change in direction branches upward, you hope it stops, it should go the station. Keep moving, the pass through is hollow, unrefined without stopping. Know the possibility, the lines in the water residue forward is diverse and separates otherwise.

The pressurized sea foam convincingly producing upward, supporting the traverse, containment wears down the former time descending (westerly) protecting from the wind length of time. Move, undeveloped journeys way, the natural state dams the entryway, extract the end subject grids rhumb. Flawed enclosure blinding your station. The straight space in this way measurement passage towards the bow of the shop outward.

Folio 9v
Voynichees to Latin Characters

peuer eperesa epa ver som jepua pue jepei vei upei som
suer jeom utom uler uei uer upei sa ula jetom sa
atia uer atom som uta elom ela eyr som
alia lua tom uler elei ela leisa
puer apuya jeler apua eiupeia lior ula som
esei uea tviesa uesa sn elua ules ate
jeuei uei glua som elei ser soh
rem som jetue relas soia
som ua ler uala sora aleisa
ela tuei uei uatala
auer uvela etatom
utom uta uer

Translated into Modern English

Power! I scream howled the lines in the water measurement, the point of entry is a low whistling sound. Enter by going around the corner in a guarded manner. The mark overhead measurement is sure to enter from. Settle time, the wind overhead secant arc position you get the secant arc away from the bearing between the wind smallest unit measurement. East should go the atmospheric vorticity, the atmosphere measurement leeward side shelter from the wind. Overcome and settle, it will be going on approach. Berth to a great degree and press on, I am hoping it isn’t rigid near. Batten down the hatch and station measurement. Ease is misfortune and twice the risk! The zone boundary shelter by a givable time passing measurement, it will be going a different grid. Shout the measurement. The apparatus reduces synchronization. Measure the descending oceans course, it is extremely exposed on approach. Two times it is expressed. Terror an devil condition, the means of escape is the east wind.

Cape Verde Winds

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