Folio 7v: Weave the Way

Captain’s Blog: October 15th, 2021

Voynicheese to Latin Characters

peiava via luesa jepua elvei sa som lvesesa
ue ua ula som jeta uupia som ulei ula uls
jetua satua utya tva ta la ser uya eiuieisa
uelim eyer uerua son ve tva vei siyr sei
suesom jelua uya luya

tuer vies viesom vesom et ve i vei son jer
etve syn uer uier esom velui sei sei ser om
jeliye rue uyesa jeluia lia etuer som
vetye som uetua ser siei sa seisom

Translation into Modern English

Weave the way, sift through the entry point, the aerial secant arc measurement length of the vessels secant arc. The authors descending enclosure measurement is a guesstimation, the upper area measurement is fixed, the enclosure in the opening entryway produces and prepares the time/velocity of an orifice. Pivot the length of the arc, separate by the passageway, rotate on the fixed point early. Watch the sunzone overseeing time/velocity of an orifice. Mark speed observation. Join together, build a dam by means of perching at a higher position.

Be on guard, fight for the way drawn plus that is multiplying the mark sun area year set theory sine. Wind velocity of an orifice consumes peacefully. See the observation dive a natural state. The undeveloped street weighs and dams. Link to the oceanographers measurement. The two measurements hunt sets apart falls the secant arc and equals.

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