Folio 7r: The First Rose Compass

Captain’s Blog: October 18th, 2021

Folio 7r is a map legend depicting the Canary Current Split around the Madeira Island and Canary Islands. The split in the stream is a powerful geolocation, it allows navigation to either the Americas or South Africa, because of this the Canary Islands became the most important location on Earth as the prime meridian for 500 years.

The language of this page is very indicative to Dante’s inferno, written in the 14th century by Italian writer Dante Alighieri. Dante’s inferno Canto I begins on Maundy Thursday, April 4th. The MS 408 would begin on March 15th on Ides of March and would take three weeks to get to this point, matching Dante’s timeframe for when the journey to hell begins. Folio 70v, is a calendar of April, the goat in the center is a graphic representation of The Atlantic Ocean, The North Atlantic Drift into the Canary Current. The goat is eating a plant, which if you have been a long time reader of this blog, the plant is an exact shape of Oak Island which is Folio 1v the beginning of the manuscripts journey.

The warning in the translation refers to the magnetic compass stopping in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The only way out is to measure the suns position and follow the water currents and watch them carefully. This uncertainty was almost Columbus’ doom. Had Columbus had the MS 408 and it’s device he would’ve taken a different route and would’ve gotten to America a lot quicker.

Voynichees to Latin Characters

puesom vepuia jte || via jeer via voreua
suya tier ver seis || suia elua uiesa
eoyr uiesorh vya || aluya jelua uois
jetue ue ieuia som || auia tuer esom
eoyr || elom

tveievia jeleyr uteisa || eluer ueom
svea ulei uei eluei som || vesa vei uelua
etuia syyri uela jetua || vei tya uela son
jetiua eiuem uei upia || vuta ueua tues
ruom uer som uuta ||

Translation into Modern English

Pausing free-man, proceed the way, gyron maneuver the way encircling an enginous sequence. The lines in the water is a companion joining together at the barricade. Increase your awareness, the way is bitter with a built in dam. Sound the instrument. The authors, “eye” measurement constraints extinguish and consumes your going.

Two ways (fork in the road) affixed away from the separation that the track is fixed. Time separates the measurement separated the mark is unprepared for hell. Keep watch, it accelerates the sails entryway and mark knots. The sails area is wide, the air measurement is out.

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