Voynich Manuscript Translation Folio 5r Madera’s Lifeless Cinder Cone

Captain’s Blog: October 20th, 2021

Geolocation Madera Island Portugal, a cozy place that is very hard to escape because the currents are a rotating cinder cone. And yes, that is a fart joke at the end of the page. Stay classy Voynich! And as the Scots would go to battle against England they would pull up their kilt, moon shine than raise up their fists in the air and shout
“e pluribus flatula” – united we fart!

Voynichees to Latin Characters

tuesa puea utea eom eoreira uesa slvasa
euia etia jetom ve utea ulia uia etofer eloi
jeom olon ua som elin ua ula elua
jeluesa elon viesa uon r uier ueula

Lua vesa jeom ueieir ve jeluie som vesom
ve uier uia jeyia je atiya jeier ula velva sa
jeieya tia uie tua vesa

Translation into Modern English

Prepare, a low whistling sound outside of it’s rotation, each of us discovered by effort. Difficult to accomplish, furthermore, the run-in there is outside convincing the pass through. Equipped, move away from the inlets, a false decent measurement, the angle descends, rests, barricades and is a supported dam. It will be going contestably with force. The rhumb orifice plate forefront sheltered by wind and is diluted. The inlets direction there is a solid dam. The measurement drawn is instructions of the orifice plate main way. It jaywalks always at the bottom of you enclosed valves. The secant arc pours into the enduring end, fight towards the break in the wind.

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