Translation of F103r – North Atlantic Treaty

December 29th, 2021: Captain Blog. I literally can’t read this without crying but the back section of the Voynich Manuscript reads a lot like the North Atlantic Treaty written by NATO in April 4th 1949. Please don’t misunderstand me, I am not saying NATO existed in 1433, I am saying this is might be a precursor to what we now call NATO.

Folio 103r – Line 1-4

Voynicheese to Latin Characters

(*) pizisio vsa ally pua elia oivia jelya jeloi visa avsoi son etoi soisa son vit uupisa soieta epuisa puvei uip or alua roi ilya dor on (?) uisa avson vyt uiela uetoi uuta er orei eton uoi ol tor elor uoi auisa jetisa elisa jetua etia usorei iela uisor oia


§ The Pythians are in alliance, the point is strong. Rejoice, the undeveloped countries are solidified in permitting in going to the zone to defend itself. The zone visits were stupefying and it was determined the point should be laid out rapidly.  The origin of the North Atlantic Gyre gate is in the leadership of the presidential guard, it will oversee for a period of time where it was formerly forbidden. The mine towards the way is a great tower. In advance the way constraints are discarded to strengthen the entrance by all means necessary employ from this time on a nights watch.

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Folio 116r – Line 45-49

Voynicheese to Latin Characters

ejeton oi via jetor etoroi xtia vupia elya e etor elasa eson vta jeron uutia jetia itiua etya etoi uistoia rator on eitya son uea jetor uia son a elok olon eia razor via jetia etieion uia jei er uya jer oroh ei iton rasoi uoi uula uuta jei onora


We are ejecting the agreed way you get by coming across the water to overthrow Elijah (the Moors). The water way I am publishing passes are for equal rights, they are forbidden to possess the outer countries. Discard what is produced. To fight against them I have set forth a prospectus of thinking on flying by sunlight. Woe, as you go by the way the sun goes, this place is slippery as you go the uncommon way. I threw away the water current passway early since the year is temperamental. You go to the opposite side and razor the path for the palace/court outpost with honor.

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